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Three ex-military officers, civilian sentenced by FGCM on espionage charges


Feb 23, 2016
United Arab Emirates
instead of posting here you should visit official GOP website and read yourself what GOP said .

sir they make sense or not GOP admitted this issue and real issue . no matter how hardcore military fan one should be not ignore truth .
you can find official missing persons list from GOP here

they dont need your sympathy sir they need rule of law in this country 6000 missing persons have been registered in pakistan by own own gov . military ka fan hony ka matlab ye nhi ke wo jo kareen ap log wah wah karo . military is running the country parallel to civilians .
it admits its an issue but does not mean they are behind it and if In case they are I trust my agencies rather criticizing them because i know how poor law of the country is... By the way its nice way of you to put a General Pic in your avatar and criticize army..

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