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There's something about Pakistani Men

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Sep 10, 2008
Source: The Times of INDIA !!!

There is something about Indian women and Pakistani men. With Indian tennis sensation Sania Mirza professing her love for **** player Shoaib Malik, we try to figure out the real story...

Actor Reena Roy married cricketer Mohsin Khan; Zeenat Aman dated Imran Khan; Sushmita Sen, our Bollywood hottie, is attracted to Wasim Akram. Amidst all the controversies, media is rife with speculation about Sania Mirza, India's tennis sensation, tying the knot with Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik. Well, one thing is common here - all these Indian women are terribly, terribly attracted to Pakistani men.

Many feel it's the charm of men from Pakistan - the forbidden land. Psychologist Madhumati Singh explains, "We have always heard stories of flashy, handsome Italian men being much in demand, similarly there is a charm attached to these rugged Pakistani men. They are flamboyant, suave, know the language of love, Urdu very well and use it in even better and are often seen being chivalrous around women." She goes on to add, "They are also closest to Indian men in temperament and looks which is why these women feel confident about their choice."

If we see all the popular alliances, most of them have been with men associated to cricket. So can we attribute this fascination to the charm of the game? Agrees relationship counselor Mahesh Sinha, "In our country, cricket is as big as a religion. Or men are crazy about it and our women, well, some of them may not know the difference between silly point and mid-offs, but they love to see their man enjoy the Gentleman's game. It gives them a high and a will to understand it to a point." Also cricket is one of the most globally acknowledged games and all the cricketers enjoy international acclaim lending them that elusive 'super hero' status. Which woman worth her diamonds can resist such a tempting package? Adds Dr Singh, "The game has a lot of glamour. Especially in India, people worship cricket and this adds to its overall charm. It plays on the psyche of women."

However, psychologist Seema Hingorani feels otherwise. "**** men have an appealing personality. They are earthy, men of the soil and look it as well. With their rugged good looks, international style and sky high fame they are way too attractive to any Indian woman. Such attraction can prove to be quite fatal. But if you see the trend, all the Indian women who have chosen **** men have not chosen anyone who can overpower their popularity. Reena Roy was more successful than Mohsin Khan, and if you see Sania shares a different status as compared to Shoaib who's not really that famous. But if Sania marries Shoaib, she will become a Pakistani bahu and she right now doesn't realize the implications of such a move, as she is too much in love at the moment."

Whatever the case be, many feel that love knows no boundaries and it should be left at that!

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