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The Rothschild Colonization of India


Nov 10, 2012
United Kingdom
The Rothschild Illuminati Colonization of India

by The Daily Coin · February 16, 2015
from Great Game India India was once a rich country, it was called ‘Sone Ki Chidiya‘ (Bird of Gold) in the ancient world and it was this reputation that attracted both travelers and invaders. That was before the East India Company was granted the Charter to trade with India. Below is an account of what followed after that.

The East India Company was granted the Charter to trade with India​

During this time ships belonging to the company arriving in India docked at Surat, which was established as a trade transit point.​
One of a pair depicting views of Surat, India, suggesting the healthy maritime trade of a busy Dutch East Indies factory port at the height of its success in the mid 17th century. Dutch merchants had established themselves with monopoly powers in the East Indies and trading stations on the mainland of India and Ceylon. This resulted in considerable hostility between the Dutch and English companies. The artist’s attempt to capture the admixture of familiar ships in the exotic surroundings of a Dutch settlement in India is particularly evocative. The fortified town of Surat can be seen with ships at anchor on the right and centre, and with smaller craft under sail on the left. National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
In the next two years, the Company built its first factory in south India in the town of Machilipatnam on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal.

The East India Company started cultivating Opium in Bengal and Bihar to finance its own private army of almost 2 lakh soldiers. The destruction of food crops in Bengal to make way for opium poppy cultivation for export reduced food availability and contributed to the famine resulting in deaths of 10 million people.
[ Read here for the complete Breakdown of Death Toll of Indian Holocaust caused during the British (Mis)Rule ]
Famine in India Natives Waiting for Relief in Bangalore

Opium traders after hatching a conspiracy with Siraj-ud-Daulah, Yar Lutuf Khan, Jagat Seths (Mahtab Chand and Swarup Chand), Omichund and Rai Durlabh took over India after The Battle of Plassey establishing company rule in South Asia.
* Jagat Seth, Umichand and Dwarkanath Tagore (Rabindranath Tagore’s grandfather) were known as the ‘Rothschild of Bengal’ (Dwarkanath Tagore, Drug Lord of India deserves one full post)
The guy on the left is Drug Lord Dwarkanath Tagore.

It was Warren Hastings, the first Governor General of India’s , idea to first traffic drugs to China.
The History of the Trial of Warren Hastings
Trial of Warren Hastings
Through 1790

East India Company established a monopoly on Opium trade – and poppy growers in Indian could sell only to the East India Company. Thousands of Bengali , Bihari and Malva Indian farmers were forced to grow Opium.
At the same time, there was commercial stagnation and trade depression throughout Europe. The directors of the company attempted to avert bankruptcy by appealing to Parliament for financial help. This led to the passing of the Tea Act. The arrival of tax-exempt Company tea, undercutting the local merchants, triggered the Boston Tea Party in the Province of Massachusetts Bay, one of the major events leading up to the American Revolution.
Britain could no longer afford to buy tea from China in exchange for Silver. Opium was the free and easy option.
Trade Figures in Britain and US in 1700s
Boston Tea Party​
By the 19th century

British Queen Victoria was the biggest drug trafficker. Even Queen Victoria used Opium ( Laudanum ), and records exist in the Royal Apothecary at Balmoral, as to how many times Opium was passed on to the royal palace. A lot of British noblemen were Opium eaters.​
Now coming to the real question…
But first we need to understand who owned this East India Company.
Also, everyone knows how much gold and gems were looted from India by the East India Company…
…but let’s pause for a moment and ask another question; Whatever happened to all that gold ?
Well, to this day it lies in the basement of the Bank of England, which indirectly is the basis for the establishment of almost all of the banking institutions of India and also many around the world.

Moses Montefiore and Nathan Mayer Rothschild loaned the British Treasury £3,200,000 (used to service the debt owed the privately operated Bank of England operated by Nathan Mayer Rothschild), in return for an exclusive grant of trading privileges with all countries of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, between Cape Horn and Cape Good Hope for the newly chartered joint stock corporation which Rothschild controlled – the British East India Company. They always operate through joint stock corporations in order to conceal their ownership and avoid personal responsibility.
Excrept from ‘The Romance of the Rothschilds‘ by IGNATIUS BALLA (Page 79)
” When I settled in London,” Nathan Rothschild continued, ” the East India Company had eight hundred thousand pounds’ worth of gold to sell.
I went to the sale and bought it all. I knew the Duke of Wellington must have it; I had bought a great many of his bills at a discount.
The Government sent for me and said that they must have it. When they had got it, they did not know how to get it to Portugal.
I undertook all that, and sent it through France. It was the best business that I have ever done.”
It should be kept in mind that it was the House of Rothschild who summoned Adam Weishaupt to begin and organize the formation of the Illuminati. In simple words the Illuminati through it’s initiates would infiltrate all aspects and organisations of human society and get into the key positions to exercise enough influence so as to bring about the New World Order.

The Bank Charter Act was passed under the government of Robert Peel, which restricted the powers of British banks and gave exclusive note-issuing powers to the central Bank of England.
This meant that the Rothschilds were able to control more, because all the banks were now forced to use Bank of England notes, instead of their own.
George Warde Norman was a Director of the Bank of England from 1821 to 1872, a key figure behind the Bank Charter Act of 1844. His vision was of increased human happiness through a wholesale reform of the revenue system founded upon direct taxation in the form of a comprehensive property tax.

Later The Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China was founded in London by Scotsman James Wilson following the grant of a Royal Charter from Queen Victoria.
The bank’s business dealt specifically with large volume discounting and re-discounting of opium and cotton bills. Although opium cultivation gradually increased in China, opium imports still increased from 50,087 picul in 1863 to 82,61 picul in 1888.

James Wilson (founder of The Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China) was sent to India to establish the tax structure, a new paper currency and remodel the finance system of India after the revolt of 1857.
He is known as the forefather of the Indian Tax structure.
Transactions in the opium trade generated substantial profits for Chartered bank.
The Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China. The Calcutta Agency.
The same year (1853) The Mercantile Bank of India, London and China was established in Bombay by the Parsis who were the middle men (drug runners) (will be addressed in the next post) for the East India Company.
Later, the Bank also became one of the principal foreign banknote issuing institutions in Shanghai; which we know today as the HSBC Bank.
Mercantile Bank of India – Madras
Mercantile Bank of India – Bombay
Chartered Bank merged with the Standard Bank in 1969, and the combined bank became the Standard Chartered Bank.
That same year the Government of India nationalized Allahabad Bank.
Chartered Bank Buildings. Battery Road, Singapore
State Bank of India

The SBI’s origins lay in Calcutta – the then capital of British India – when it was born as the Bank of Calcutta on June 2, 1806, mainly to fund General Wellesley’s wars against Tipu Sultan and the Marathas. It was renamed Bank of Bengal on January 2, 1809. Similar joint stock banks, the Bank of Bombay and Bank of Madras, came up in 1840 and 1843, respectively.
In 1921

these banks with their 70 branches were merged to form the Imperial Bank of India. After Independence, several state-owned banks were merged with the Imperial Bank of India to form the State Bank of India in 1955. It is still known as State Bank of India.

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) was conceptualized as per the guidelines, working style and outlook presented by Dr Ambedkar (as we’re told, however the genesis lay somewhere else which will be discussed in the next post – Genesis of Reserve Bank of India) in front of the Hilton Young Commission. When this commission came to India under the name of “Royal Commission on Indian Currency & Finance”, each and every member of this commission were holding Dr Ambedkar’s book named “The Problem of the Rupee – It’s origin and it’s solution.”
An excerpt from – The Problem of the Rupee – It’s origin and it’s solution by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar.
“When the standard of value is standard metallic money the expansion cannot be very great, for the cost of production acts as a sufficient limiting influence. When a standard of value is a convertible paper money the provisions as to reserve act as a check on its expansion. But when a standard of value consists of a money the value of which is greater than its cost and is inconvertible, the currency must be said to be fraught with the fatal facility of indefinite expansion, which is another name for depreciation or rise of prices. It cannot, therefore, be said that the Bank Charter Act made no improvement on the Bank Restriction Act. indeed, it was a great improvement, for it substituted a currency less liable to expansion in place of a currency far more liable to expansion. Now the rupee is a debased coin, inconvertible, and is unlimited legal tender. As such, it belongs to that order of money which has inherent in it the potentiality of indefinite expansion, i.e. depreciation and rise of prices. As a safeguard against this the better plan was no doubt the one originally designed, namely of putting a limit on the issue of rupees, so as to make the Indian currency system analogous to the English system governed by the Bank Charter Act of 1844.
If there is any force in the line of reasoning adopted above, then it is not easy to agree with the opinion entertained by the Chamberlain Commission of the Exchange Standard. Indeed, it raises a query whether for all that the Commission said there is not somewhere some weakness in the system likely to bring about its breakdown. It therefore becomes incumbent to examine the foundations of that standard from a fresh point of view.”
http://www.ambedkar.org/ambcd/28D1. Problem of Rupee CHAPTER III.htm
Did Dr. Ambedkar get the real implications of the potential dangers of the Fractional Reserve System and Fiat Currency that has engulfed the entire planet ???
The answer is open to speculation and further research.
Drug trafficking and the gold looted from India, Portugal, Brazil, China, Burma and other countries laid the foundations of the modern Monetary System.
But has it stopped yet?
Read here about the diabolical scheme Obama’s has in store for India for his second term – Unlocking the full potential of the US-India Relationship 2013
Read this recent report by Tehelka :
Globalisation is not a universal and secular creed…

It’s just a hangover from the Colonial Era.

In its day, the company occupied and manipulated the interstices of a truly global economy. Tea from China was bought with opium from India; Indian and later British textiles (made from cotton grown in India) purchased slaves in west Africa, who were sold in the Americas for gold and silver, which was invested in England, where the sugar harvested by the slaves ensured a booming market for the tea from China. The big winners sat in the City of London. The more numerous losers could be found in every corner of the globe.

– Mike Marqusee



Nov 10, 2012
United Kingdom
The British (Rothschild) colonization of India

By Peculiar Voice
A letter from Knight to Henry Makow
It was nice for you to touch upon British imperialism and its Illuminati roots.
Being a person of Pakistani origin, I was on the receiving end of it. This can be of help shedding light on what really took place under the shadow of British-Illuminati imperialism. Please feel free to publish it.
To start with, it’s no coincidence that British imperialism begins only after the Illuminati Jewish bankers, the Rothschilds become established in Britain and realise that they cannot exploit the rest of the world in a similar fashion, since the usual tactic of infiltration into corridors of power would not work in foreign lands. They therefore simply appropriated the British flag as theirs and used the British as their extensions in non-Western lands. The British were dosed with pride in the “empire”, “race”, “Christianity” and “Queen” whereas it was really Rothschild’s empire they were making.
The greatest evidence of collusion between Illuminati and early Imperialists is the great friendship between racist coloniser Cecil Rhodes and the house of Rothschild. This has been detailed in Fritz Springmeier’s “Bloodlines and the Illuminati”.
I would like to take the instance of colonisation of the subcontinent (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh). The British East India Company who snuck into India under the guise of traders first initiated colonisation. You can read about their Illuminati links at this page http://user.pa.net/~drivera/fw5.htm which says that “They were closely related to the Levant Company, and the Anglo-Muscovy Company, and spawned the London Company, which was chartered in 1606 by King James I, to establish the Virginia Plantation on a communistic basis, and the Plymouth Colony in 1621.” And again “Every year, 24 Directors were elected by the Court of Proprietors (or shareholders, a majority of which were English Masons).”
What exactly was the lure of India which set Columbus sailing’ The answer is that the Muslim Mughal rulers had achieved a sophisticated urban society with a degree of opulence in gold and spices never before seen in history. According to this http://www.khyber.demon.co.uk/history/naval_crusades/india2.htm link, “A report on Indian Industrial Commission published in 1919 said that the industrial development of India was at any rate not inferior to that of the most advanced European nations. India was not only a great agricultural country but also a great manufacturing country.”It was the lure of Gold which attracted the Illuminati.
The British traders were not allowed to own property in India but one of them managed to gain the favors of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb by curing his ill wife. In return, he asked for land. This piece of land became the Madras Headquarters of the East India Company. After that, the East India company used the policy of divide and rule, pitting one group against the other. Robert Clive was an ambitious Englishman. Though not Illuminati, his ambitions made him a pawn in the hands of the Illuminati and his efforts are single-handedly credited with establishing a British empire in India. Yet, once he succeeded in doing that, The Illuminati had him removed like a hair in the butter; even had him court-martialed and replaced with one of their operatives!
All was going well. According to this link http://www.khyber.demon.co.uk/history/naval_crusades/india2.htm ‘The vacuum created by the contrived ruin of the Indian handicraft industries, a process virtually completed by 1880, was filled with British manufactured goods. Britain’s industrial revolution, with its explosive increase in productivity made it essential for British capitalists to find new markets. India turned from exporter of textile to importer.’
As Indian Hindus still didn’t have much of a concept of idealism or nationhood and the masses generally considered the new rulers not much different from the different powers they were serving for the last 1000 years, the British recognised their greatest enemy as Muslims and Muslim rulers. The Mughals still existed but their power had waned to within Delhi. A new threat arose in the South where a pious Muslim ruler, Tipu Sultan bearing the ancestry of the Prophet decided to unite all local powers against the British. He fought bravely but due to the treachery of the Muslim Nizam of Hyderabad, had to sign a humiliating treaty under which the Illuminati took his children as a security deposit! Lord Cornwallis (Illuminati) was involved in signing of the treaty. (yes, he’s the same Cornwallis we later saw in America). Despite these hardships, Tipu fought back and died with a sword in clutched in his hand surrounded by the bodies of dozens of Englishmen he had manages to kill.
After Tipu’s murder in 1799, it was open season on India. The Rothschilds ordered the British to snatch and ship out every piece of gold they could lay their hands on. They started annexing princely states left and right. Lord Dalhousie (Illuminati) was appointed Governor General in 1848. Though there is a University built in Halifax in his name, few know that he started a policy by which any princely state of devoid of official heirs would be annexed by Rothschild British agents. This policy proved very successful.
However, the Muslim power was still seething, and in 1857, an all-out war of independence broke out. Though there are horror stories of Muslims massacring British, few know that the British beheaded the sons of the Last Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar and presented their heads to him on platters! Bahadur Shah was later exiled to Burma where he spent the remainder of his life in a 4’x4′ windowless jail cell.After that, there was a grand ball held at the Red Fort. The Rothschilds ensured that the original solid gold coated spires of the Taj Mahal were shipped off to Britain and replaced with brass ones. Instrumental in the success of the British were rail, telegraph and traitor princely states like the Nizam of Hyderabad.
India serves as a great example of how literature and language can be exploited and created for furthering Illuminati interests. Wilkie Collins of the Illuminati Collins bloodline started publishing imaginary tales of Muslim atrocities against Hindus and temple trashing by Muslim rulers in his famous novel, the Moonstone.
Hindus who were a non-cohesive group living peacefully with Muslims for years were suddenly pitted against Muslims. An Englishman started the original controversy of the Babri mosque being built on the birthplace of Hindu God Ram. To further distance Muslims from their Persian language and therefore Islamic roots, the British popularized Urdu language as a mass language for Muslims. The reason was that Urdu while sharing the script of Persian happened to be littered with native Indian words, making it more localized in its nature; and inheriting all the class bias of Indian language as well.
Then the British created Hindi language out of thin air as a national language for Hindus. Hindi was spoken like Urdu but had the script of Sanskrit, a Hindu script which had gone extinct centuries ago. Hindi would give Hindus identity making them antagonist to Muslims’and Muslims would be encouraged to abandon Urdu for Hindi, breaking complete contact with Islamic script. A certain John Gilchrist of Fort William College, Calcutta, directed these language politics. Mr. Gilchrist can be aptly called the father of Hindi language.
Languages were not the only tools the Illuminati created. Realising the danger posed by the call for jihad during Muslim Friday sermons, the British created a bogus Islam known as Qadyanism/Ahmedism/Ismailism, complete with its very own false prophet! This new cult would preach a “Colonial friendly Islam” and at the same time engage in assassinations of real Muslim intellectuals.
Illuminati Masonist/racist Rudyard Kipling would settle in India to further provoke the English to further colonialism by penning racist epithets like ‘White Man’s burden’ (should be called “Rothschild’s burden”). Kipling’s seemingly innocent novels contain subtle anti-Islamism and his epic “Jungle Boy” carries the Disney- Illuminati theme of man and civilisation being shunned for animals.
Kipling would even attempt to justify colonialism by pointing towards the British instruments of plunder such as railroads, telegraphs and the ports of Bombay, Calcutta and Madras as some landmarks of civilisation which the Indians could not construct themselves. Such a claim is dubious since the India on the eve of British arrival was a prosperous one; and there is no way to tell how things would have been in the absence of the British.
What can be said is that the Indians failed to offer the illuminati effective resistance; and were no match to their cold-blooded calculations. A very negative legacy left behind by the British was the culture of bribery and corruption in the administration lower levels. Since this corruption translated into very little when compared to the Illuminati stakes in India, The British preferred to keep an administration of bribe taking yes men rather than focus on clean administration. We find this culture continues to thrive in all areas of British imperialism; India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt and Nigeria.
India also became the focal point of the Opium Wars. There are reports that opium, which was bringing the decay of Oriental society and brought the downfall of the Chinese empire was actually being cultivated by the British in Patna and Afghanistan. The British did not sell it to Indians however. Instead they started giving away free tea (which contains addictive substance) at railway stations. Once the Indian population was hooked, they put a price on it.
Realising the need for local Indian Illuminati operatives, Freemasonry made its entry into India. The first Lodge was established at Fort William, Calcutta in 1730. (The same fort William from which Hindi arose). Interestingly, its coat of arms was the lion on the seal of the British East India Company! Freemasonry was gradually established in all major Indian urban focal points.
As we know, the biggest Illuminati project of the 20th century was Communism. The Illuminati fostered the growth of the Indian National Congress through its operatives, A.O Hume and Wederburn. The idea was to create an independent India which would be a proxy for the Soviets. For this purpose, Indian freemasonry went overtime into grooming local Indian Mason operatives.
According to this official Masonic website, http://www.masonindia.org/index10.html “Swami Vivekananda (initiated in 1884 under the name of Bro. Narendra Nath Dutt in Lodge Anchor & Hope, Calcutta). Motilal Nehru – Lodge Harmony, Kanpur (Father of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and grand father of Indhira Gandhi), C. Rajagopalachary (Governor General of India), Sir C P Ramaswamy Iyer (Divan of Travancore), Dr. P V Cheriy (Governor of Maharashtra), and Fakruddin Ali Ahmed (President of India).”
Since this Illuminati project of delivering an ‘independent India’ to the Soviet sphere of influence required top priority, Illuminati operative Helena Blavatsky founded the Theosophical Society in India. The purpose was two-fold. First, Blavatsky would dig up the swastika and Aryan theory for the Nazis who were created to attack Russia, which would result in the entire Eastern Europe and Germany being transferred to Communists.
Secondly, the Theosophical Society would coordinate the Indian Independence movement through the Indian National Congress. Even back then, rumours began circulating about Blavatsky and the “Russians”. A key theosophist activist was Mrs. Annie Besant who despite acting against the British, managed to mysteriously escape being punished by them. If one analyses the Indian independence movement, we notice the British building a crescendo of antagonizing the Indian National Congress and then caving in to their demands’.whereas transfer of power to the INC was predetermined. Realising that Indian National Congress leaders were phony in every respect, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, a British educated lawyer managed to get a mandate for an all Muslim Pakistan without shedding a drop of blood or going to jail.
The last Governor General of India, Lord Mountbatten is considered to be associated with the Rothschilds. He realised the threat Pakistan would pose to the about to be created Soviet proxy India. He assured that independent India got more than its share of landmass, including islands in the Indian Ocean, many border districts initially marked for Pakistan (which resulted in the Muslims being massacred), 95% Muslim Kashmir which should have gone to Pakistan, The Muslim princely states of Junagadh and Hyderabad, the latter of whom was expecting independent status for its traitorous role in 1857 and North-Eastern territories consisting of Orientals!
The time India was liberated coincides with a little known private ceremony known as “Hour of the British Empire” which is held in London. Further, the Rothschild owned British Petroleum was granted unlimited rights to all offshore Indian oil, which is still valid till this day. There is reason to believe that the internationalists were behind the death/disappearance of Indian freedom fighter Subhash Chandra Bose who would become a popular rival to Theosophist groomed Nehru after independence. Unlike Nehru, Bose was on the frontlines using Indian POW’s of the British army captured by the Japanese to fight back against the British. His death remains a mystery and it was conducted by the illuminati to ensure Nehru had all control over India.
The Congress party consisted of numerous freemasons and theosophists who ensured that India with its strategic landmass was always a total ally of the Soviet Union. Later, many communist countries including India became part of the “non aligned movement” which enabled them to remain allied to the Soviet Union and yet receive major aid from internationalists and their tax-free foundations in America, including components for atomic weapons. Even Canadian Deuterium made its way into Soviet proxy India. All of Indian military hardware consisted of Russian technology and despite the cold war, the Illuminati was very reluctant to back Pakistan in any way.
Limited amounts of American small arms made it to Afghanistan through Pakistan but it is important to note that the American ambassador supervising it and the Pakistani President, General Zia were killed in the same plane crash! India had major stakes in the Soviet Union, including a possible obliteration of Pakistan if the Soviets made it across Afghanistan. It is interesting to note that the UN turned a blind eye to the illegal Indian invasion and annexation of Goa. This proves that the UN was created to foster Illuminati plans.
Of course, the farce of Indian independence will never be known to the casual observer, who is subjected to whitewash such as the BBC movie, “Gandhi” and Larry Collin’s (Of Illuminati Collins bloodline) “Freedom at Midnight”. As for Indians, despite their population of around 1 billion, they seem to be too hungry, hate obsessed and materialistic to ever figure out. And again, greeting the powerful of the world with folded hands is never looked down upon. In India. And rather represents a 1000 year old tradition.
It is interesting to note that the Indian government crushed the real peasant classes who became genuine Communists without the Communist International batting an eye; and Soviet aid to India was never hindered.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Illuminati switched horses; abandoning the Congress party for the Hindu fascist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Though never in control of this party, this was the closest the Illuminati could get to exercising influence. The UN and world media would turn a blind eye to the burning alive of 5000+ Muslim civilians by Hindu hoodlums. Israel would become intimately involved with India, to the extent of Israeli fighter planes being detected in the process of launching pre-emptive strikes on Pakistani nuclear reactors after India conducted its recent nuclear tests .The coming to light of this event enraged the Chinese allies of Pakistan to such an extent that they gifted Pakistan a complete fleet of fighter planes.
The recent resurgence of the Congress has upset Illuminati plans. The creation of a one world government under the Illuminati UN will require not just horrendous wars in the Middle East but the rest of the world as well. In South east Asia, we may see a war with Pakistan, North Korea and China against India, Taiwan and south Korea. If it happens to be a nuclear war, the carnage will help pave way for a UN one world government. For that purpose, the Illuminati is working to get the recently dethroned Hindu fascist BJP party back on its feet.



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