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The reality of modern Apartheid State.

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    This thread is response to Solomon2 thread running about recognizing for what I personally call the apartheid state. Since they don’t deserve to be called Israel a Laqab given to Hazrat Yaqoob A.S. I am banned to comment on his thread running because solom2 is unable to counter my facts. I must aware my nation for not falling into such trap, tricks and narrative that’s is being built up to recognize this apartheid state. I must bring the truth upfront for my fellow countrymen and women to make them aware of their objective to be achieved in near future. I know most of us already know all this but there are still some out there not aware of what I am about to reveal here.

    I have first hand experience dealing with Jewish community for 17 years and I understand for what they actually stand for. Their children attend private schools, while rest of Americans go to public schools. After graduating from private school, they’re sent to apartheid state where they serve in armed forces. Some migrate back to USA but majority settles there where they are given land and businesses to run. I personally know some who were born in USA, migrated to Israel rooting out Palestinians out of there land to settle there for good. I’ve also came across few who were proud to kill Palestinians with no remorse. Now I’m not bringing you some conspiracy theory either but straight facts. Many good Jews people with good heart who witnesses such atrocities towards Palestinians are themselves disturbed and disgusted for inhuman acts committed there.

    Truth cannot be suppressed, no matter how many tricks or arguments one can come up with, it won’t change the ground realities. This thread is also a response to those who preach to reconginze the criminal state which is accountable for criminal acts against humanity. We must stand with justice for all because if it’s happening to Palestinians today, tomorrow it will reach your homes by remaining silent or recognizing criminal acts.

    First, let me get to the Balfour Declaration. Who created the modern state and hijacked the name “Israel”.

    It’s clear the plans were there in 1917 to root out Palestinians for the modern state to exist replacing Palestine. Their agenda started and in 1947 they accomplished. What more clear proof one can ask for?

    We all know apartheid state criminal acts , they counter it by saying we are defending ourselves from terrorists and many including fellow Muslims sadly some even in Pakistan say it’s their right to defend. However, the reality is much different from what it appears to be and it’s not just the Palestinians who are the target. The real target is Islam and to subdue the the rest of the mankind at their will because they believe rest of us to be gentile who will serve their nation once their king rule apartheid state from the temple that will replace Masjid Al Aqsa. Why are we blind to this fact? Why do we take it so light? When they arent and they even brag right in front of us while we sit silent arguing with each other.

    Islam is the target.

    Now one must ask these questions.
    Why’re they chanting such nonsense? What’s the purpose and agenda?
    Do you really want to recognize this?
    Isn’t this a clear attack on Islam?
    Where is this mentality and hatered coming from?
    What the future holds for us if their children are taught such hate during their upbringing.
    Isn’t this similar to suicide bomber being trained in madrassa on religious basis just the difference is to kill without suicide jackets?

    Is this the future and are you willing to accept it?

    Now these are USA high officials including head of the criminal state reviewing the third temple model to replace the Al Aqsa mosque standing right under the Temple Mount where Al Aqsa stands today. It’s happening right in front of our eyes, yet we are blind to it. It’s clear enough that they’re bent to achieve their objectives by hook or crook. There is also word going around Jewish community that their king AKA the Messiah have been recognized. They’re just waiting for the temple to replace the mosque to reveal him.

    Their presence on Pakistani borders across LOC advising our enemies speaks much volume that they’re no friend to us neither they want to be our friend. Their main objective is to subdue us and Islam as a whole.

    Now I’m not saying to impose war on criminal state or send army to capture land as we face other threats and many domestic problems at the moment withiin due to corruption, and failing state institutions. However, we should least recognize this enemy of ours which is not only enemy to us and our faith but rest of mankind as well. We must defend ourselves by their attacks on our faith and nationhood.

    If anything, our state can at least take countermeasures to push Muslim nations for unity and to be aware of their plans and not to recognize this criminal state at any cost.
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