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The Poor State of Justice in Pakistan


May 31, 2014
Pakistan ranks 120 out of 128 on rule of law and justice. The poor state of our judiciary is know to everyone and anyone who has had the chance to interact with this system. Its plain and simple a system of zulm.

The sadder part is that ask any common man in Pakistan and they'll quickly blame the Government, police and other LEAs. Rightly so but the real root of this evil lies in our corrupt judiciary. At a very high level the Federal Government "selects" the chief justices and their bench. After that the Gov has absolutely NO control whatsoever on the functioning of this state institution.

Cases go on and on for decades till the original plaintiffs and defendants die off and their generations to come are left to carry on the process. Let me give you a simple example of how corrupt this system is. If you are a normal middle class person, this example should be enough to scare the shit out of you.

Suppose you have any sort of disagreement with a person A. This person A is not influential and not rich. But he can still make your life hell. Here's how it goes. Person A goes to a lawyer and asks him to file any frivolous complaint against you. Lawyer A files this case. Now the interesting part starts. Court is supposed to send you a letter telling you that A has filed a case against you and you have appear on so and so date. You know how this letter is delivered? An official in court asks you to give him money for stamps. You pay him and give him the address on which this summons is to be delivered. Now just pay the court official a little bit and he'll make sure you never get this letter. Three such summons and you not aware of this case so you don't show up in court. Judge will now rule ex-parte against you. Now the person A can simply bribe court officials and police some more and enforce the court orders. This can include arrests, confiscation of property etc.

This letter can easily be replaced by a mobile number. Or hell even TCS. But no. This will mean that court officials loose their source of income.

The educated class of this country has to take up this issue and bring it to the forefront of political discourse. Nothing can be fixed until this issue is fixed first.

Hers's another example of the environment in our courts of "justice". Just read it and share your opinions.


El Sidd

Apr 5, 2017
The elitist mongrels have made justice a commodity for the rich.

Despite puppets chanting about multi faceted facade of justice, the same puppets save their family and friends while putting up brave faces of change.

At tipping point, the country may descend into chaos and civil war if old ways are allowed even 2 3 years to further cement the 4th horseman seat.
Nov 18, 2014
United States
United States
Just like everything else in Pakistan, there are multitudes of issues affecting organizations...
Problems are systematic and organizational:
A hand-me-down set of dysfunctional and ill-thought-out structures did not produce results, do not and never will.

The supposition being that a compromised system, failed in checks and balances, non delivering and most importantly a system that repeatedly brought the corrupt and worst segments of society to power... the answer is not to install a good guy with right intentions ... how should I put it again, system is compromised, flaws are exposed.

Unless a comprehensive approach is taken, no answer can organically be reached staying the course.
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