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The political parties want an end to ISI's role in Pakistani politics..

Discussion in 'Pakistani Siasat' started by rai_kamal, Mar 26, 2012.

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    The political parties want an end to ISI's role in Pakistani politics but these parties say nothing about RAW and CIA role in Pak media and political process. Media is now going crazy demanding that ISI should be punished for supporting political alliance in 80's. How about also punishing those who took funds from India and plotted Agartala sazish and supported the traitors who broke off Pakistan?

    It is a known fact that Pakistani political parties and media receive undeclared secret funds from foreign countries. If RAW and CIA can fund Pak media and political parties, then why can't ISI support nationalist parties and patriotic media?

    Asghar Khan is blasting ISI now in the court and now he has joined PTI but do you know that he is a traitor who helped the Indian to break Pakistan ?(Was he Manmohan singh ??):rofl: He supported treason against Pakistan by supporting agartala sazish, protected Mujeeb ur Rehman and ganged up with other separatists to put pressure on the ISI to withdraw cases against traitors of agartala. Today, he is active again. I am sure, Imran does not know about this treacherous role of this new PTI member.

    Najam Sethi was part of Baluchistan Insurgency killing Pak Army men on behalf of enemies. The London Comrade group is active even today, controlling Pak media. we shall be exposing them soon also InshAllah. Today, Najam Sethi is still attacking Pakkistan and our ideology through media. Once a snake, always a snake.

    If hostile powers can influence Pakistani politics and media, we patriots demand that ISI must play a decisive ROLE in Politics and Media.

    Notice how the media is being used as a dangerous weapon against the state and Pakistan army and ISI. First the fake drama of Baluchistan breaking away. Then the ongoing missing persons allegations on ISI and now the noises that ISI's political role should be finished. All Indian assets are now active and are trying to use Pak media and judiciary to nail down ISI.

    Indeed, ISI's political role should be finished but first hang all those traitors in politics and media who are connected to India and CIA! This is divine justice!

    And the source is....

    No indian trolling and chinki helps plz, let it be a good discussion thread...
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    IF they do; would you care to present any proof of RAW/CIA funding before using that as "justification" for ISI's meddling in domestic politics beyond its purview?

    (Please note that declared intergovernmental development plans are not RAW/CIA funded.)
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    our neighbours r soo much concerned abt our internal matters:blah: