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The overpopulation thread


Jul 29, 2009
No. If there was a storm that destroyed crops or hunting prey, it's not man-made. Increasing food supply risks increasing population. Go back to the first post on this thread.

Two children will not give us population decline
Create a 2 child policy. More children, more tax on the family or some sort of penalty. Pakistan has to curb population. We have excess of people. Our poor people and specially the conservatives(very religious) reproduce like ants
Two children will not give us population decline. One or no children will as two parents are required to breed children.

Anyone who wants more should be encouraged to adopt.


Aug 27, 2013
United States
What is "overpopulation"???

What do you define it as?? 1B people? 5B? 10B?? 50B?

When Earth reached 1B some time ago.....many harped about the end of the world....limiting children being produced, killing the old, the infirm, criminals and et all.

Well, I don't know if any of you looked outside the window but we're currently at ~7.6B and it's been predicted that at our current production of food, we can sustain 11B. :coffee:

And if we have more efficient methods in place all around the world, we can increase the above number by regulating food waste, production & distribution.

People are also not taking into account the birth rate in developed countries, most of whom have negligible birthrates while consuming as much as 10 people in Africa, the ones producing 3-5 babies currently. And Africans seem to be doing fine minus the wars going on in Africa...

More Research busting the "Overpopulation Myth":

Also no ones taking into account rapid change in tech that'll revolutionize food production through which we can sustain more people......or the future wars which can decrease the pop. real fast...

Best Explanation So Far:

So yea...it's 2020 and ya all better educate yourself before spewing bs like "overpopulation". :rolleyes:


Apr 22, 2010
United States
Oh please man, you actually believe that stuff? Wake up man, this is no excuse to have so many children. Have you ever been in Pakistan and seen what overpopulation has done?
current fertility rate of Pakistan is around 3 with replacement level being 2.1...by 2050 Pakistan population will plateau faster if development happens

one interesting fact with respect to food production....

California produces 10X more food then Pakistan with 3X water usage at around 40 MAF(we use 140 MAF of water)

so if Punjab and Sindh attain productivity of California it can feed all of the world

one more fact..USA population is just 270 miilion but it produces almost 30% of world pollution but then india has population of 25% and only produces 6% of the world population..

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