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The "Octagon" ... The Egyptian army prepares to move to the new capital

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Feb 13, 2012
منشآت وزارة الدفاع المصرية الجديدة

At a time when the Egyptian state institutions are preparing to move to the new administrative capital this year, the Egyptian Ministry of Defense is preparing to move, too, to move its facilities to the new capital, in a new building complex called "The Octagon".

The word "Octagon" means eight sides, while the name "Pentagon" means five sides, a designation derived from the ancient Greek language, where the number eight means octa, while the Penta means the number five, hence the term Pentagon is used for the US Department of Defense building.

According to the images circulated, the headquarters of the new Egyptian Ministry of Defense, "Octagon", consists of eight external buildings "overlapping" octagonal shape, with two other buildings in its center, and what looks like the ability to add two other buildings within this axis in the future, and the number of these buildings is equal to the number of army personnel and departments. Al-Masry, according to military experts.

Uniform area

For his part, Major General Samir Farag, the former director of moral affairs in the Egyptian army, explains the philosophy of building "the octagon," citing the building of the US Department of Defense (the Pentagon), saying that the Pentagon is the model from which the new Ministry of Defense building in the administrative capital was inspired.

Farag added to Sky News Arabia, that the aim of building the octagon is mainly to gather the Egyptian army departments in one area in order to facilitate work and tasks, pointing out that the facilities of the armed forces at the present time are distributed among a number of regions, which creates difficulty in the method of work management Daily.

منشآت وزارة الدفاع المصرية الجديدة

He continues: "The current state of the Egyptian army installations is inherited from different times, especially since we got some from the British camps, and we used to prefer the presence of military installations in the desert far from the heart of the city, but now the situation has changed and all the facilities must be in one place. "

The former director of moral affairs points out that the philosophy of having defense ministries in one place has become the norm in developed countries, and we can see that in Britain, France, Russia and China, along with the United States of course.

Design brings two civilizations together

Regarding the architectural design of the building, Major General Samir Farag says that the design combines the two civilizations, the ancient Egyptian and the Islamic civilization, so the shape of the building from the outside resembles the Temple of Hatshepsut, and the octagonal shape of the building is inspired by the Islamic octagonal star.

Major General Samir Farag reveals the existence of two central buildings, one of which is for the administration of armed forces affairs, and the other building is a strategic center for managing all state institutions and ministries, especially in times of crisis.

منشآت وزارة الدفاع المصرية الجديدة

Coordination speed

Major General Gamal Mazloum, one of the participants in the October War, and the advisor to the Nasser Military Academy, appreciates the move of the Egyptian army to one region, stressing that this step would preserve the time of the soldiers and facilitate movement between the different departments.

Mazloum added to Sky News Arabia that the presence of the Ministry of Defense facilities in one place helps to speed up coordination, which previously only occurred during periods of tension and military operations.

In an attempt to clarify the importance of this step, Mazloum returns to the time of war, saying: “When we were preparing an operations plan, we had to coordinate with several regions and weapons, which was consuming a lot of time and effort, especially at the level of the senior leaders, which strengthens The importance of having military installations in one place. "

According to local newspapers, last Wednesday, Egyptian Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouly followed the arrangements for the inauguration of the new administrative capital, scheduled for the end of this year, as he confirmed that it would be the highest level of organization, reflecting the greatness of this giant Civilizational project.

https://www.skynewsarabia.com/amp/middle-east/1428730-الأوكتاغون الجيش-المصري-يتأهب-للانتقال-للعاصمة-الجديدة?__twitter_impression=true

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