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The huge deal is underway: the Czech Republic buys Rafael missile missiles for $ 630 million


Jul 10, 2017
The huge deal is underway: the Czech Republic buys Rafael missile missiles for $ 630 million
The Prague Ministry of Defense has approved the contract that will make the Czech Republic the first member of NATO to acquire an air defense system from Israel.
Udi Etzion
21:25, 27.09.21
Czech Republic
A year after Raphael's Spider air defense system defeated eight competitors in a tender for the Ministry of Defense in Prague, Defense Minister Lubomir Matner announced a summary of the deal. This will make the Czech Republic the first member of the NATO alliance to purchase an air defense system from Israel.

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The Czechs will pay a higher-than-expected sum, $ 630 million, for four batteries of the Israeli mobile air defense system, which will be used to protect strategic targets such as airports, urban nuclear power plants and employment centers. The deal will be made as a deal between the Czech Ministry of Defense and the Israeli Ministry of Defense, with Czech companies producing 38% of the system components. The Prague Ministry of Defense boasted that they had managed through negotiations to reduce the cost of the deal by $ 92 million from the original amount demanded by Raphael.

The Israeli Spider System for Air Defense 1
Spider system (Photo: Rafael spokeswoman)

The Spider system will replace the old SA-6 system that the Czechs purchased from the Soviet Union about 50 years ago when they were part of the Warsaw Pact, and is now considered ineffective on the modern air battlefield. The system is based on two of Rafael's air-to-air missile models, the Python-5 and the Derby, which have been adapted for launch from the ground, and also includes a radar made by the IAI's Elta Division and a command car.

The Israeli Spider system for air defense
(Photo: Raphael spokeswoman)
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In conjunction with the profit line

Although the system was not purchased by the Israeli Air Force, it has sold more than $ 1.5 billion to date, including India, the Philippines, and according to foreign sources, Vietnam, Georgia and Singapore.
"I appreciate the Israeli government's willingness to share with us a modern defense system that will propel our army toward the capabilities of the 21st century. We can finally get rid of our dependence on a Soviet system from the 1970s, which does not meet existing air defense requirements," said Defense Minister 'Because Matner.

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