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The Govt should complete its tenure

Discussion in 'Pakistani Siasat' started by crankthatskunk, Jul 31, 2020.

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    Please ignore the thread title, it is because of the forum policy, I have to open thread according to the title of the video.

    The real issue is the BS of Khaqqan Abbasi.
    What he said is baffling. I always harp about the real core issues faced by Pakistan.
    It suits the corrupt politicians to turn any topic towards their advantage, even though fundamental principles of Law and Order and criminality are attached to it.

    I always said that instead of involving the NAB etc. and starting a process of never ending legal wrangling. Pakistan should apply criminal laws provisions , arrest the culprits through FIA, charge them and put them in prisons. Issues like opening fake accounts on stolen identities etc. are clear criminal offence. In any other country the police will arrest you immediately and put you in prison.

    What Abbasi said here is beggar's belief. It is shame for Pakistanis that this crook had been a PM of Pakistan. Pakistanis should think hard how people like him reached such offices!!

    He said that if his friends send him money from overseas, even if he is stolen it, it is no crime in Pakistan.
    That's how these crooks had been stealing billions upon billions from Pakistan. Now there is no doubt Nawaz in 90s changed the law so they can launder the money out of Pakistan and then bring it back through TTs and voila the money becomes legitimate.

    Even though in majority of the cases the individual who sent the money had never been outside of Pakistan. Therefore, he has no means or legal justification to remit the money from overseas. In most cases they are not even aware their IDs are used by these criminals.

    Once again, it goes back to my point that using stolen identity is a crime all over the world.
    Why it is not treated as crime in Pakistan!!
    Don't worry, dumb Kashif Abbasi doesn't have the capacity to ask him proper questions.
    These journalists, judges, generals, are curse of Allah SWT on Pakistan.
    Pakistanis have to do something about them, if they want their country staying in the league of nations. Otherwise Pakistan is doomed.

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    And this guy was a PM of Pakistan and is supposedly one of the top notch brains in PML-N. :hitwall:

    No wonder we have been floundering like no tomorrow. We gave these guys 30 years. Imagine if someone like IK got 30 years. Just today PTI Punjab government announced waiver of fees for 90,000 technical education students and allocation of Rs. 1.5b for 100,000 new students under Hunarmand Pakistan (another innovative program of PTI).

    Alag hi level par khel rahay hain PTI walay. While PML-N could only think about building road from washroom to living room and fly over from balcony to bedroom.