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The future of the ISS

Discussion in 'Members Club' started by MarkusS, Jan 26, 2014.

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    Nov 23, 2013
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    The ISS budget had been recently prolonged till 2028 from NASA as well as ESA as well as JAXA and Roskosmos. But what will happen then?

    There are many aspects and i would like to hear your opinion.

    One solution would be a controlled deorbit of the station. The problem is, that the ISS is a colossal structure. A deorbit has to happen in various stages and the final reentry is very dangerous. The station would break apart and because her great mass it is sure that some debris will crash onto earth.

    Another option proposed was to lift the ISS into an even higher orbit and keep her operational for private enterprises

    Some experts suggest to use the ISS as mainhub for future lunar operations. It is even discussed to move the ISS into a lunar orbit.

    So what are your ideas about this?