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The Farce of Indian Secular Republic : From Secularization to Hinduization


Aug 18, 2015
The visionary leadership of Quaid-i-Azam, Allama Iqbal and Sir Syed Ahmed Khan identified the farcical nature of India’s secular face. The growing intolerance and rising RSS extremism has put the region, especially the minorities in India, at the cusp of annihilation.

Gandhi and Nehru’s India is no more. It is almost dead. It is no longer a republic. It is not even the so-called secular democracy today. India has now turned into what it really was, and what it was actually to be–a Hindu state that Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal and Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah had foreseen more than a century ago. It wasn’t to become India, but Hindia instead. No one had contemplated this, not even Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru or Patel. No one had pre-perceived its farcical entity, not even Hussain Azad, Mufti Mehmood, Hussain A. Madni or Allama Mashriqi, but only the men of vision did.

Thanks to the bigwigs, like Nawab Saleemullah Khan and Sir Agha Khan or the very other few, who had at the spearhead a rare visionist in Iqbal and a great leader in Jinnah, who were not astrologers but great visionaries of contemporary history. They could rightly and timely foresee or foretell–not just years and decades ahead, but could peep into the future even centuries ahead. Thank you Iqbal, the mujaddad, and thank you Jinnah, the Quaid, you had been able to see the wolves in sheep’s clothing, coming to very soon rip apart the so called secular-democratic face of the Hindu majority India, setting aside the Gandhi-Nehru philosophy of ‘non-violence’ and their slogan of ‘accommodating all’.
Modi, Amit and Doval–a trio that is ironically exactly abbreviated as MADs of today’s ‘Hindu rashtra’–are playing havoc with the biggest democracy of the world.

Today’s India is not that of Nehru’s, but of the tyrant Modi’s. It is Hindia–Hindu-India–a fanatical terrorist state that is hellbent upon avenging the self-concocted, fictionalized and grossly mutilated history of 1000 years of Muslim rule in the subcontinent.

So, boastfully celebrating the so-called Republic Day every January 26, is being regarded as a slap on Gandhi’s future-vision-of-India face. Hindutva fanaticism’s march towards New Delhi started from Gujarat leaving behind the massacre of thousands of Muslims, trampling on the wayside hundreds of Christians and Sikhs, and breeding on the sidelines millions of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) like militant gangs and goons who have now let loose a perpetual reign of terror across the length and breadth of the country’s 28 states. Hasn’t it instead really turned into a Nazi-inspired Hindutva-dominated state with aspirations of actually becoming a ‘Hindu rashtra’? Hasn’t it become the MAD-led terror sponsoring, terror financing and terror exporting state with only “the Hindu first” motive of tyrannical rule both at the state and societal level?

The world is witnessing today the blatant violations of human rights from IIOJK to Mizoram, Manipur, Gujarat, Punjab, and even Maharashtra in and out of the suburbs of Delhi.

It is now three and a half years since the revocation of laws that recognized Kashmir’s autonomous status, the people of Kashmir are facing hell at the hands of nearly one million security forces and goons of RSS. They are being subjected to forced marriages and forced disappearances, forced exoduses, forced Hindu settlements in the Muslim dominated areas and forced demographic changes in order to hoodwink the world by stage-managing a phony plebiscite in the future.

This very face of India stands exposed before the world. Even the saner elements within India and the world intelligentsia are closely watching the current trends leading to the ‘Nazification of India’ following in the footsteps of Nazi Germany and in line with Modi’s anti-Muslim and anti-minorities policy. They rightly foresee an impending holocaust soon condemning the entire South Asia into ruination. How can the world at large and the international community in general be indifferent to the well-planned genocide of the largest Muslim minority in India, which by further draconian lawmaking is being subjected and treated as a second-class community, while minorities like Christians and Sikhs are also no longer safe in what they call the intolerant and fascist India. Isn’t India now a regional troublemaker, largely posing a threat to South Asia and the peaceful coexistence notion of its neighboring countries?

Can’t we see that beneath the so-called shining India now exists the reality of a dark, deep and extremist India?

Can’t we see that the projection of Indian ‘democracy’ and ‘republic’ is a farce, a ridiculous deception?

The growing intolerance has led the international community to question as to what and where are the actual credentials of that democratic state, the dream of which was seen by Gandhi and Nehru. Instead, it is being viewed as a fascist-Nazi state. Since 1920s, the proponents of Hindu nationalism have bided their time, and at no point in the history of today’s India have they wielded so much or such legitimate power within the Indian state and among the country’s middle class as they do now.

Modi and his tyrannical team are the lifelong zealots of the previously-declared terrorist organization, RSS that operates through thousands of decentralized branches across India as well as in the diaspora. Started by the Hindu ideologue, Hedgewar, in the 1920s, RSS posed as an apolitical civic organization. Nathuram Godse, who murdered Mahatma Gandhi, was steeped in RSS ideology. A concerted campaign of infiltration of Hindutva-inspired RSS goons into the Indian political and civic life structures is at play, which means municipal corporations, trade bodies, housing societies, legal networks, media outlets and educational bodies are not free of RSS infiltrators in positions of authority. This indoctrination propaganda is rife. RSS leads the violent cadre-based organizations that sprang up between 1960s and 1980s. The organizations operate semi-autonomously around student unions, media events, women’s issues and other civil society matters.

The Indian constitution now contains certain clauses that discriminate against religious minorities.

During the last seven decades, Indian constitution has aided the process of reducing minorities, especially Muslims, to the status of second-class citizens. The dismal figures among Muslims in relation to poverty, education, employment and political representation clearly demonstrate the lack of foresight regarding the minority issue during constitution-making process. Muslim population is the world’s second largest minority in India, but it has a very few lawmakers from its community. In addition to the lack of political representation, Muslims are absent from administration, army, police and paramilitary forces. These bodies have repeatedly shown their communal bias across decades, and have resulted in the loss of thousands of Muslim lives. While Muslims have traditionally been under-represented in India, this phenomenon which was primarily salient in police, army and administration has now been extended to elected assemblies owing to the rise in power of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Aside from the fact that there is no longer a single Muslim Chief Minister, the presence of Muslim representatives in state assemblies is also on the decline. In January 2018, out of 1,418 BJP elected representatives in state assemblies, only four were Muslim and only two members of BJP state governments (excluding coalition governments) were Muslim. This situation holds true as much in states where BJP has been governing for a long time (such as Gujarat, where the party did not endorse a single Muslim candidate in 2007, 2012, or 2017) as for those it recently won (such as Assam, where out of 61 Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs), it has only one elected Muslim representative). Moreover, between 1980 and 2020, the number of Muslim Members of Parliament (MPs) in the lower house of Indian parliament diminished by more than half. This evolution is all the more significant as the share of Muslims in the Indian population rose during the aforementioned period.

During the 2017 state election campaign in Uttar Pradesh, one BJP leader said, “Trump in U.S. showed that it’s not Blacks, Hispanics and Muslims, who will decide who becomes U.S. president. It is the Whites. Here too, it’s not Muslims, who will decide who rules UP. It’s all other Hindus. They want to defeat us. We want to defeat them and their parties. It is a battle.”

Home Minister Amit Shah’s egregious statement in Lok Sabha, “Congress is responsible for India’s Partition on the basis of religion” should not be seen as merely polemical. It’s aimed at securing legitimacy for BJP’s own religion-based polarization of India.

Following Modi’s re-election, BJP has been pushing its Hindu nationalist program with even more vigor. In this regard, a campaign is under way to assert Hindu primacy and render Muslims invisible in a rewritten history. The subtext of this new playbook is that Muslims must lay low in a new India where Hindus are more equal than others. In this context, Love Jihad has traveled from the fringes to mainstream legitimacy as a part of state-sponsored campaign to show Muslims their place.

Communal onslaughts on Muslims have been accelerating, terrorizing the community. At the start of 2020, several leaders of BJP gave speech after speech targeting the Muslims. In this regard, BJP’s MP, Ananth Kumar Hegde said, “Till Islam is in the world, there can be no end to terrorism!” Moreover, increasing incidents of Hindu bigotry and persecution of minorities is a reminder of the emergence of an intolerant India. Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) and National Register of Citizens (NRC) are vivid examples of increasing intolerance and anti-Muslim bias in India. In this context, USCIRF, in its 2019 report said, the Indian religious liberty “continued a downward trend.” It categorized India as a tier-2 country because of the persistent conditions unfriendly to religious freedom. In addition to that, a February 2019 report from Human Rights Watch (HRW) found that between May 2015 and December 2018, at least 44 people, 36 of them Muslims, were killed across 12 Indian states.

HRW in 2020 stated, “Since Modi administration first took office, BJP leaders have made Hindu nationalist and anti-Muslim remarks in their speeches and interviews. These have, at times, encouraged and even incited violent attacks by party supporters who believe they have political protection and approval. They have beaten Muslim men for dating Hindu women. Mobs affiliated to BJP have, since 2015, killed and injured scores of members of religious minorities amid rumors that they traded or killed cows for beef.” Moreover, in 2020, Council on Foreign Relations stated, “Muslims have experienced discrimination in employment, education, and housing. Many encounter barriers to achieving political power and wealth, and lack access to health-care and basic services. They often struggle to secure justice after suffering discrimination, despite constitutional protections.”

Dr. Gregory H. Stanton, regarded as an authority on genocide and ethnic cleansing, the author of Ten Stages of Genocide, warned that “preparation for genocide is definitely under way in India. The persecution of Muslims in Assam and Kashmir is the stage just before genocide. The next stage is extermination.” Religious Liberty Commission has recently published a report titled, Hate and Targeted Violence against Christians in India. It notes, “Targeted violence and hate crimes against Christian community in India continued unabated in 2018.” The passage of CAA, continued enforcement of anti-conversion, and cow slaughtering laws and Supreme Court’s controversial verdict on Babri Mosque, and recently another historical mosque, bears testimony to the fact that Modi’s fascist and intolerant government has created a culture of impunity for campaigns of harassment and violence against the minorities.

According to the HRW report, Muslims are being beaten and forced to chant Hindu slogans, while police fails to investigate such incidents. Instead, police files criminal cases against witnesses in order to intimidate and scare them. The radical mindset has taken India back to medieval times in contrast to its secular perception. BJP’s autocratic and majoritarian rule has heralded the demise of a secular, democratic and pluralist India. Modi’s dreadful actions have vindicated Allama Iqbal and Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s Two Nation Theory, which was the driving force behind the struggle for independence.
It is being perceived that the religious prejudice and Hindus’ hatred for Muslims is sowing seeds for another partition of India. In Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, the BJP government in response to unarmed and peaceful protests, chose to bulldoze the select houses of Muslims under full protection of the law enforcers, and in full view of the TV cameras. It proves that they don’t care about what the world may think. They find butchering of the cow painful, while killing an unarmed innocent Muslim by a mob is considered a noble act.

That’s Hindutva for you.

India is not a secular republic; it is the biggest human rights violation state in the world that exports and sponsors terrorism with the objective of bullying its neighbors. It is a major deception. Thus, the façade of secularism it displays to the international community is a major farce. This trickery is achieved through paid social media activists, its various mendacious television channels, and of course, Bollywood. Through these mediums and false, deceitful and untruthful tactics, it has to its credit misleading the entire global community.

The thought of a secular India is patently ridiculous.



Dec 21, 2021
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
There's no such thing as "Hinduisation" - Hindus themselves don't properly know about their religion or what they believe, most of them are actually just atheist and Hindu by name. This is just reactionary religiosity after seeing Muslims. It is just fuelled in insecurity and hatred.

Hinduisation is not really anything about Hinduism but more to do with other religions.


Dec 1, 2016
@Skull and Bones

Khopri bhai,

I beg to differ. @Signalian sb is right. Pakistan is an Islamic Republic, it is only fitting if its citizens want it to be true to its nature (aka Shariah rule). Similarly, India calls itself a secular state so it should remain secular. He wants both nations to live upto their stated ideals. See nothing wrong in that.


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