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The Egyptian Minister of State for Military Production witnesses the signing of a cooperation protocol with US Navistar Defense

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Feb 13, 2012

Engineer Mohamed Ahmed Morsi, Minister of State for Military Production, witnessed the signing ceremony of a cooperation protocol between the National Authority for Military Production and the American company Navistar Defense, at the Ministry's general office.

Engineer Mohamed Ahmed Morsi explained that the protocol aims to cooperate in the field of joint manufacturing of chassis, vehicles, armored and equipped vehicles and trailers, expressing his aspiration to enhance cooperation with the US side in the field of defense industries in a more profound manner during the coming period in a way that benefits both sides and even the world as a whole. He affirmed the continuation of coordination between all the institutions of the Egyptian state and the armed forces to develop and upgrade the armament system to preserve Egypt's national security.

The Minister of State for Military Production referred to his meeting with Ted Wright, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Navistar Defense, at the International Defense Exhibition that was held a few days ago in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, praising the experience and capabilities of the American company and its production of advanced military products, pointing to the existence of fruitful cooperation. Between the Ministry of Military Production and many American companies, adding that the areas of cooperation with Egypt are not limited to the military side only, but also include civilian tracks, stressing that Egypt is an attractive country for investment, especially in light of the economic and structural reforms it has implemented in recent years despite the circumstances. The difficult situation that the whole world is witnessing in recent times.

Ted Wright expressed his aspiration to open prospects for fruitful cooperation with the Ministry of Military Production in the field of military industrialization, in light of its manufacturing and technical capabilities that are recognized for its efficiency and production lines that match international lines and include highly trained labor and its role in providing the requirements of the Egyptian Armed Forces besides Its contributions to the implementation of many national and development projects in the country.

He explained the importance of the role that Egypt plays in confronting terrorism and maintaining peace and stability in the region, pointing out that Egypt is witnessing a remarkable development in the field of military industries through cooperation with many international companies, which he witnessed during the company's participation in the Egypt International Exhibition for Defense and Military Industries "EDEX". 2021".

Wright pointed out that Navistar Defense is an American company engaged in the production of military vehicles and equipment, especially international cars, in addition to being one of the manufacturers of MRAP vehicles.

Mohamed Eid Bakr, media advisor to the Minister of State for Military Production and the official spokesman for the ministry, stressed the ministry’s keenness to localize and transfer the latest global technologies in the field of military and civil industries within companies and affiliated units, in line with the state’s general orientation and achieving its policies aimed at developing and adapting the available industrial, technical and technological capabilities and capabilities, including Supports sustainable development strategies by relying on local manufacturing capabilities with Egyptian hands and the highest international quality standards.

The cooperation protocol was signed by Dr. Engineer Salah Jumblatt, Head of Technical Sectors at the National Authority for Military Production - on behalf of Engineer Mohamed Salah El-Din Mustafa, Vice Chairman of the Authority's Board of Directors, and Ted Wright, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the American "Navistar Defense" company.

The signing ceremony of the military production was attended by Eng. Mohamed Sherine Mohamed, supervisor of the central administration of the Minister’s office, Eng. Mohamed Ismail El-Mohs, Minister’s advisor, Mohamed Fouad translator, Mohamed Bakr, media adviser to the Minister, Eng. Hisham Khattab, Head of Public Relations and Ceremonies Sector, Eng. Rafic Rizk, Chairman of the Council Management of the factory for the production and repair of armored vehicles "Factory 200 Military".










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