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The Echidna of terrorism| Part II

Slav Defence

Oct 30, 2010
The Echidna of terrorism| Part II: Current crisis and lapses and infrastructure of terrorist organization.

Written By: Slav Defence

After 9/11 catastrophe, the entire scenario of foreign strategy and foreign policy, interests, criteria, priorities for mutual co-operation was changed by United States government , while no effective, efficient change was observed in Pakistani foreign policy nor powerful counter-terrorism strategy was adopted by Pakistani regime.
As I have posted my various reports earlier, in which I have highlighted various aspects due to which these elements somehow able to strengthen the terrorist’s nexus, which are mainly the internal flaws of Pakistani infrastructure; however, I will recall some factors as follows:

-The lack of trust between civil and LEA (Law Enforcement Agencies)
-The difference of training between civil and military security sectors.
-The collapse between security sectors and lack of trust between them.
-Economical damage: Inflation, poverty etc
-Extremism etc.

We all are now well aware of various factors which are leading us towards collapse; however, if we succeed to engineer proper strategies and succeed to sort out solutions, I hope that we will be in a position to resolve the problems, Inshallah.
Before, I propose anything; I would like to shed light on following flaws:


-The infrastructure of terrorist’s organizations.
-The counter-terror polices adopted by Mr.Musharraf
-The reasons of their successive adaptation.
-The flaws within civil regime.
-The hostile attitude of media

The infrastructure of terrorist’s organizations:

As Pakistan faces multiple terrorist organizations such as TTP, LEJ etc, therefore every organization is terrorizing and destabilizing Pakistan with different objective, using different corrupted versions of Islam. Thus before representing any solutions, we must understand the common points and differences between them.
I will prefer to focus more on TTP and Taliban supportive organizations, as they are right now the biggest threat and cause of current crisis.
So, we will understand the following factors

-The nature of TTP

-The objective of TTP

-The successive adaptation of TTP in Pakistan

TTP is an organization which is not lead by its own ideological school of thought, but a heterogeneous group consisting of Pakistani pashtun militants from various organizations such as Siphah e Shahba etc.

Let us understand one point very clearly, TTP does not have its own school of thought, but promotes extremist version of Islam, probably the militants belong to multiple organizations and are working under the banner of TTP due to share of TTP resources including militants etc with them, are inspired of Ibn-Taymiyyah’s philosophy who preferred to wage war even against those Muslims who do not agree with their fundamentalist version.
Whenever we hit or operate against TTP, it triggers those terrorists parties who are under it’s umbrella, that is why when Pakistan army operates in N.Waziristan or South Waziristan, the TTP simply attempts to deviate and pressurize the policy makers, by supporting terrorists group such as Baluchistan Liberation Army.

TTP’S connection with BLA:

I will provide with a prove with following news:

In February 9th, 2011 police discovered the connections of BLA and TTP while investigating the attack on CID officers, BLA member Afzal Baloch has been identified as one of eight terrorists who opened fire on the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) building November 11, said CID Police Chief Chaudhry Aslam. The gunmen attacked the building minutes before a suicide bomber struck.

Police said Baloch and seven other terrorists opened fire on the CID building's gate to clear the way for the suicide bomber's truck, then disappeared before the explosion.

The truck bomb killed 20, including senior policemen.
Aslam said police consulted eyewitnesses and then distributed sketches of two suspected gunmen, enabling them to identify one gunman as Baloch.
Baloch also has allegedly been involved in robberies and kidnapping for ransom in Karachi, he said.
ATM trail

Investigators concluded Baloch and the BLA were involved in the CID attack after investigating the use of stolen credit and ATM cards. While reviewing security videos from ATM kiosks, police identified Baloch as the man portrayed in one of the post-bombing sketches.
The BLA has Karachi strongholds in Liyari, Malir, Bhains Colony and Manghopir.

“We are investigating the nexus between the activists of the BLA and the TTP. In the next few days police could arrest BLA men involved in terrorism in Karachi,” Aslam said.
Police have learned that the BLA and TTP often exchange weapons, money and terrorists to carry out terrorist activities, he said.
It was also no secret that BLA members committed heinous crimes like murders, kidnappings for ransom, dacoities (gang robberies) and robberies in Karachi and Quetta, he said.

BLA background

The BLA is the product of dissident groups that split from the Balochistan Republic Liberation Army, analysts say.
Initially, the BLA was a political organisation, but in 1973 the organisation became involved in anti-state activities, said Shahzada Zulfiqar, a Quetta-based senior journalist. Different Baloch nationalist leaders headed the organisation.
During Pervez Musharraf’s regime, the BLA started targeting the army, security personnel and strategic government installations, especially gas pipelines in Balochistan, he said.
As a result, the Musharraf government banned all militant organisations, including the BLA, in 2007, and the BLA has continued clandestinely since then, he added.
Heir Biar, the self-exiled leader of BLA, runs the organisation from London, said Muhammad Naeem, a senior professor at Karachi University and an analyst of ethnicity and sectarianism in Pakistan. Biar is the son of Nawab Khair Bukhsh Marri, a nationalist Balochistan politician who has served many years in prison for anti-Pakistani views, he said.
In Balochistan, the BLA is known as a militant organisation engaged in kidnapping for ransom, bombings and ethnically based killings, Naeem said.
From above news, it is extremely cleared that how TTP is using such terrorist organizations in order to deviate and confuse our civil regime.
Here is diagrammatic approach to explain the situation and analysis:

The counter-terrorism policy of Mr.Musharraf:

Now, we must understand the strategies of counter terrorism adopted by Former President General Musharraf:

-To support Operation Enduring freedom

-Unconditional support to CIA and US, NATO forces

-Banning of terrorists organizations

After 9/11 incident the United States government deployed it’s forces in Afghanistan with the objective to annihilate those mujahidins which they themselves nourished (according to the book: The World’s Secret Services Today ,that the CIA funded almost $6 billion, while Saudi Arabia provided arms and $5 billion by 1992)
After nourishing them with their own hands, the government of United States itself launched Operation Enduring freedom to wipe out same terrorist’s nexus which they themselves have created.

-Due to such action instead that AL-Qaida looses it’s tentacles becomes more strong and reactive due to increase of profile. Further US attack on Iraq has given them a reason and objective to spread their tentacles.

-This has also supported the extremist’s ideology of Al-Qaida, mainly introduced by Ayman al-Zawahiri, so Mr. Musharraf announced to show unconditional support to US regime, including:

>Intelligence sharing with CIA

>Provision of air bases to launch strikes

Mr. Musharraf made same mistakes as General Zia did, the only difference is that, he didn’t gave Afghan refugees limits to stay in Pakistan due to war of Afghanistan against Russia while Mr. Musharraf didn’t restricted conditions of cooperation and co-ordination with American forces.
Due to which we have observed the collapse between American and Pakistani policies carried out by both countries to counter terror.
US has her own interests while Pakistan has her own reasons, besides annihilation of self raised terrorists has resulted of collapse of interest ie the shams airbase issue, Raymond Davis Case, Black water/XE company interruption etc.


The terrorist took benefit of collapse of policy and lack of interest, thus Pakistan becomes sandwiched between the American policies and terrorist target. Such policies also resulted in the incident of LAL masjid situation, as power of militants increased day by day instead of decreasing, as we have discussed in part 1
But again Mr. Musharraf, instead of working out the reasons of how to cure such cancer which was developed, used his full power and initiated Operation Sun Rise which was the only left choice, although, he must have realized that the militants raised will multiply more, when he will continue to use force, but for he was left with no other choice.
However Ayman al-Zawahiri announced another terrorist’s organization to avenge his followers, as feared
After then, we all are evident of series of bomb-blast and anarchy and loss of lives. Thus if Mr. Musharraf has worked on covering the lapses of policy to deal with terrorists, it would be much better.

The Reason of Their successive adaptation:

It is always easy for terrorist organization to spread their tentacles in underdeveloped countries, as the internal problems, weak economic infrastructure and improper polices helped them to get ‘man power’ as compare to countries with strong infra structure.
The biggest fact about Pakistani infrastructure is that it does not function with smoothly and properly, in systematic manner, thus various factors are behind their successive adaptation, mainly, poverty, lack of justice etc which are discussed as follows:

Despair due to Poverty:

Due to inflation and poverty a class of Pakistanis are living even below lower class, they are not provided with basic necessities of life, therefore, when such organizations offer such desperate, struggling humans to take care of their families, and thus when these poor immature mindsets find out no other pathway, join their organizations.

Natural Disasters, Floods:

Many homeless teens and immature children are easily approachable by them, thus they adopt them, train them, brainwash them and use them for suicide blasts, warfare etc.

Drone Attacks:

Yes, drone attack is indeed another important factor behind increasing militancy, as the rate of death casualties of civilians is also recorded in great number, along with terrorists killed.

2) The Bureau of Investigative Journalism estimates the following cumulative statistics about US drone strikes:
(As of July 2013)
• Total strikes: 370
• Total reported killed: 2,548 - 3,549
• Civilians reported killed: 411 - 890
• Children reported killed: 168 - 197
• Total reported injured: 1,177 - 1,480
• Strikes under the Bush Administration: 52
• Strikes under the Obama Administration: 318

The above chart shows the death casualties of civilians, most prominently during drone strike. Therefore, we can say that those who lost their loved ones during such strike also join TTP to avenge their loved ones, although drone attacks do give successive damage to terrorist’s hideouts, yet still the innocent victims pay price of this and thus it indirectly helps somehow to increase the number of militancy and frustration as well as support to anti-Pakistan mindsets.

The Flaws within civil regime:

Now I will shed some light to summarize the flaws of civil regime as we have discussed them already on previous reports, yet still I will recall some points.
One of the main important factors is corruption as it’s tentacles are spread in our civil sectors, ie our corrupted mindsets become part of governmental body, that is why corruption cannot be stopped as it’s control was given in the hands of those who themselves are involved in it.
Besides that, some mindsets in our regime has sympathetic behavior for terrorists organizations, as they themselves keep soft corner that is why no clear policy is still engineered to destroy their nexus completely.

Collapse with Security sectors:

Due to above mentioned reasons, such mindsets refrain security and Law enforcement agencies to work against them, and in order to fulfill their corrupted agenda, they also promote their corrupted followers to such sectors and grant them high positions, while the sincere ones are either demoted or transferred to far away territories, thus like this they succeed to increase their corrupted tentacles.

The hostile attitude of media:

After private channel business was established successfully, we have observed how it was and even now used as a tool today by some elements to gain specific objectives.
For example, how geo reacted when Mr.Musharraf imposed emergency, and how our investment, PKR value, stock value was badly affected.
Furthermore, we have observed of involvement of journalists in various scandals, such as Hamid Mir’s scandal in Khalid khawaja murder case.
Journalists like Salim Safi, how they are producing sympathy for Taliban, and currently how media created fuss and gave four hours of useless coverage to Sikander Malik’s nonsense.
Furthermore, we have also observed that how media persons, journalists are used by ministers of specific parties to throw dirt on each other.
Thus our media is out of control now, ready to do anything to increase their rating, business and to get money.


Before proposing, we must work out to resolve above mentioned issues, I suggest solution as follows:

-Government must establish, support and strengthen those organizations, who shelter and support those victims who lost their resources and lives due to war on terror, drone strike and natural disasters ie flood.

-Government must work on it’s foreign policy again, especially it’s relationship with US government.

-If policy makers persist to work along with US government, then they should apply some limits to US influence in Pakistan

-Instead of killing militants directly, agencies must crush them by injecting the sufi version of Islam, to destroy militancy, along with powerful operations.

-Government must also work on policies to control negative elements in media, not by banning it, but by strict policy, which we will discuss in part III

-US must be refrained to carry drone strikes in Pakistan, and Pakistan must operate on her own rather than allowing US to carry such strikes.

-Pakistan must increase her relationship with countries like Iran as well to keep US in pressure.
Now I will talk of counter-terrorism policy for LEA:

-First of all, we must work on covering the trust deficiency between civil and security sectors, for this I suggest that a committee must be created which consist of officials from various security sectors of Pakistan.
To be continued…..
Inshallah in part III we will discuss the current counter terrorism policy and confusion of civil regime, and other important issues.

Best Regards,
The Pakistan Defence

@Last Hope @Luftwaffe @Xeric @Aeronaut @nuclearpak @Irfan Baloch @WebMaster @Awesome @Secur and others..Inshallah we will discuss latest counter terrorism policy in Part 3 and try to sort out the solution of government's confusion.

Best Regards.
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