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The Doval Doctrine – India’s Hybrid War against Pakistan

El Sidd

Apr 5, 2017
British protectionism has lead to this and will continue to be like this unless National Cohesion is mass propagated.

Sadly the elites who never let go of the British lactating tits will continue such policy.



Sep 2, 2007
Out of curiosity, I google searched Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) using the simple keywords, the acronym of the movement, PTM. To my shock, the initials search results showed the misery and sufferings of a distinctive ethnic group, Pashtuns in Pakistan. I was spellbound to see how the initial results portrayed the state of Pakistan and its Army as murderers and oppressors, a country where Pashtuns are treated as third-grade citizens, a country where Army is solely linked to conducting oppression.

Gone are the days when enemies attacked their respective target while utilizing the kinetic means of warfare. This is the contemporary realm of the sub-conventional warfare where enemies now target using the means of hybrid war like ethno-fascists groups and dissemination of plethora of forged propaganda / distorted narratives in accordance with the agenda.

In case of Pakistan, the sub-nationalist movement, Pashtun Tahafuz Movement is a clear manifestation of the 5TH Generation warfare that has been imposed on Pakistan by enemies of Pakistan, who from the past have been hell-bent to disrupt the peace by dividing the country on ethnic means.

A number of dubious media and political stalwarts such as Mehmood Achakzai, Hussain Haqqani, Marvi Sarmad and Asfandyar Ali etc, have expressed their open support to PTM and are doing everything to disseminate the anti-Pakistan propaganda. The undue media coverage and media hype by International media on the tailored movement PTM while ignoring the perpetual human carnage in Yemen, Syria, Sudan and other African countries make it evident that the party is working on the agenda of the enemies of Pakistan.
Read the following post with yours and you can sense the level of conspiracy being hatched and that its got shades of Nile in it makes it all the more sinister and deadly ...

But there is just one entity in the way of this war being waged on Pakistan and it is our Armed forces.

As Pakistanis we should not simply ignore the anti-uniform slogans that reverberate with devious intent and that not just political dwarfs but PMLN and PPP leadership is using not just social media but now main stream media more and more to try and instil such hate over time that rhyms with indian narrative, so that they can bargain and save their skin at any cost to the nation... makes them eligible not for upeasement that they seek but to be punished for their crimes all the more.

It is time to make a stand for Pakistan:

Sunday at 11:32 AM#6


For a refresher course after every few months, of who are allied where, toeing what agenda and with what goal in mind, I visit twitter accounts of the notorious "libtards" the likes of Gul Bukhari, Ayesha Siddiqua, Hussain haqqani and politicians of PMLN, PPP, PTM and the sleaze bags like Waqas Goraya etc etc and see what they are sharing, with who and at what level.

The comraderie and rapport among libtards, the corrupt politicians, the islamophobic, and the anti state elements becomes evident that they are seeking refuge more and more among one another and have become all but part of the same pie.

That their mantra rhymes with that of Indian narrative against Pakistan on world stage is as evident as daylight and nothing new but their coming together on social media against the present government should be an eye opener for ordinary Pakistanis and specially the lovers of Qeemay walay naan.

This is not a random comment. It has slowly become crystal clear, they have become complacent over time and have let their true anti state colors show more and more.


Mar 5, 2019
Oh no man, its just a conspiracy theory, ask specialists, the doctors etc. they will tell you, there is nothing wrong as far as polio vaccine is concerned.
How can we trust them.... are they doing any good with us...
Is it possible to test the vaccine in out country...?

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