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The Day: Expectations, Fear, Fascism, Objective


Mar 31, 2020
I am creating this thread to predict the outcome. Add anything any member would like by being civilized.

I to be very honest am a bit fearful for all the people attending the March. Not because I don't believe in the cause but how the current government is being a fascist and is willing to go to any extent. I won't even like to discuss the army angle anymore. There is a feeling inside me never before for the PA. Something has changed and I am not even pointing towards the top core. I literally had very expectations from the lower tier commandos. I was in an argument with my uncle who himself is from PA but he had this view "jab sarhad ki rakhwaali Karne wale inkaar kardenge to bajwa kandhe pe rakh kar rocket chalayega".

Stay tough my brothers from every part of Pakistan. IK has given us a cause, a cause a lot of and I'd say majority of the stakeholders don't like. Lots of prayers for you guys.

What are we expecting tomorrow? I think the imported government will try their best to stop US. But the people where are not outnumbered would beat the hell out of anyone getting into the way. Or can we expect just barriers and no force anywhere.

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