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The BROKEN Shoes that are worth $250,000

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    American college star basketball player, Zion Williamson suffered a huge spotlight injury last month in NCAA tournament. He slipped approximately 30 seconds into the game against opponents UNC. The 6' 7'' & 285 pound (200 cm & 130 kg) 18-year old man's beastly physique and substandard quality of the sponsored Nike shoe couldn't withstand the slip, causing ankle strain to Zion. This injury has been evaluated to $1.2 billion lost in stocks for Nike. It was well televised, hugely discussed topic, one of the biggest American sports news of 2019 and the Live footage can be seen below:

    No one seems to know the location of Zion Willamsion's infamous blown-out Nike sneaker -- not Zion, not Duke University, not even Nike ... and it's a huge problem considering it's worth around $250,000!!!

    But, what happened next? Duke coach Mike Kyzrewski has said Nike reps came out to Durham and inspected the shoe in hopes of identifying the "problem". But, it's unclear who has the shoe now. So, when media spotted Zion and his Duke teammates in Washington, D.C. the other day, they asked the 18-year-old straight up ... who's got the shoe?

    Zion smiled and told them, "Uh, ask coach about 'em."

    So, Bleacher Report did! BR hit up the Duke athletic dept., and a rep told them they have no idea where the shoes ended up. Next call was to Nike -- maybe they have the shoe, right?

    A Nike spokesperson told BR ... “We’re thrilled to see Zion returning to the court. After working closely with the Duke Basketball team to examine the issue, we are confident this was an isolated incident. We continue to work with Duke, and all of our partner programs, to ensure we are providing the best product for their athletes.”

    When BR again asked who currently possessed the busted sneaker, Nike told them ... "I don't have any more information [on the location of the shoe]."

    BR's next call was to Ken Goldin of Goldin Auction -- one of the leading sellers of sports memorabilia in the world. He just sold some of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's prized mementos for almost $3 MILLION!


    Ken told BR the shoes are INSANELY collectible -- and could fetch more than $250,000 on the open market!! In fact, Ken believes the blown out shoe plus the matching intact sneaker are "the most famous pair of sneakers in the world, period. End of story."

    Which brings us back to the original question ... WHERE ARE THE SHOES?!
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