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The Arab World Backstab

Discussion in 'Indian Defence Forum' started by kaku1, Oct 2, 2014.

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    Mate, you talk like we (Arab world) which is home to the oldest civilizations on earth, towns etc. was somehow ever dependent on India which back then did not even exist as we know it today (one united landmass). This is obviously not correct. You also forget that India also became rich due to trade with the Arab world and our riches. It worked both ways. If there was no mutual interest from both parties the 5000 year old trade ties would not have existed in the first place. Thus this is a stupid claim by you. Nor have I never called India a poor country historically. I was referring to today.

    Maybe it had to do with the fact that Arabs came in peace? Ever thought about that? It were Arab sailors and merchants who spread Islam and the locals obviously adopted it. Hence why there are still Muslims in Kerala to this day. Same thing happened when we Arabs spread Islam to South East Asia. It happened peacefully. That's actually where most of the spices came from. Not India.

    Yes, but both those seas are called that because Arabs and Indians dominated those seas. Why?Because we had the most ancient international sea trade routes.

    Yes, Europeans (I would say the West rather) yield the most influence but this is something that has "only" been going on for 500 years. History is much older than that.

    Arabs conquered Afghanistan but back then we had the 5th biggest empire the world has ever seen (Umayyad Caliphate) that ruled areas from France to modern-day Pakistan. It was a HUGE empire. The biggest ever seen back then.

    List of largest empires - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Afghanistan and Pakistan cannot have been "Hindu lands" always as those lands have existed for WAY longer than the religion of Hinduism. But yes, they were probably majority Hindu before Islam came. Just like the Arab world, including the Arabian Peninsula was majority Christian, Jewish and Pagan (ancient Semitic religions). So? Before that time we believed in religions that we know nothing about or maybe none at all. Before that God know's what was?

    Yes, our histories are interwined indeed. That's what I tried to make you understand.

    What are you even talking about? I don't fund anything, nor do I support anyone blindly nor do I condone any attacks on civilians as this is prohibited by Islam. Whatever happens between you, Pakistan, Bangladesh or your own Muslims has nothing to do with me as an Arab or ME person. Just like whatever happens in the ME has nothing to do with you guys.

    LOL, what? What is that? The Mughals are nothing to boost about compared to the Arab Caliphates on all fronts. The Mughals were Mongols originally btw. So not really Indian rulers. Later intermarried with Uzbeks and Persianized.

    You are joking. UAE was always a rather insignificant part of the Arab world. It was the visionary local rulers that transformed this TINY area of the Arab world into what it is today. A success story. Aside from its NATIVE riches.

    LOL, what? Match and science was invented by our Semitic ancestors in the ME. Islamic civilization is mostly based on them and Greek science. Indian helped too. Islamic civilization is the result of many various civilizations but mostly local ME civilizations. Just like Indian civilization has been influenced from abroad.

    Anyway your tone is rather annoying and you have a lot to read about when it comes to the ancient ME and the Arab world. Nor do I like users who write nonsense based on WHAT THEY THINK instead of what people are actually writing. Also I find it funny that you try to take the moral high ground when most of your countrymen are fiercely anti-Muslim just for the sake of it yet you lecture me on the relations between the Arab world and Pakistan which predate Islam by thousands of years and which have proven to be a very, very close relationship. That we are both Islamic countries/regions is just a bonus. So what? Nobody complains here when Western countries emphasis their common religious, cultural etc. bonds but when Muslim states do so hell breaks lose. That's pathetic.

    Anyway none of this has anything to do with the topic. The Arab world has never backstabbed India as there was never any reason to do so nor do we owe you anything. It's a silly article. Just like India owes us nothing. End of story.
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    Mughals intermarried with Indians, becoming Indianized eventually. What's the point? You act like the Arab world is pure, when it's a mixed just as much. Every group that arrived in Indian ended up settling in Indian and intermarrying.

    Im not saying Arabs were dependent on India completely. However there was a great dependence on both India and China and vice versa. Its not something one can neglect. We all worked together for a long time but saying India depended solely on the Arab world for our riches is a joke. We traded all over even Europe. We left that trade to the Arabs, so they can concentrate on it. The sea route was nullified by the Sinai peninsula

    Your tone is annoying. Now you think you are Greek HAHA. What a fool. .....you love to take credit but not give credit where its due. Sorry buddy maybe that works in the ME but not in the real world.

    The Ottomans were a mix of Europeans, Turks and Mongols. Not Arabs. The Persians, Kurds, Armenians, Uzbeks, etc are not Arabs. If you want to get into blood lines and purity, well that's a murky road my friend becuase the trade of slaves moved ppl from all over. So, when I see Arabs claiming some type of purity, I giggle because mostare a bunch of half breed who may have some Europeans and Indian blood in them!!

    You put to much empahsis on the role of an Arab Muslim trader yet conveniently forget the gracious hosts who allowed for such trade to take place in the first place. You forget Kerala defeated and routed the Dutch. The first time a major European power was defeated in Asia, when cannons and guns were being used. Also, we were never conquered by Muslims by the time the British arrived. We were fighting Tipu Sultan who we defeated numerous times.


    You neglect to see in the same link on empires one of the largest empires ever seen was also Indian. The Mauryan Empire under Ashoka!

    Oh I see, now you are playing with words. The land in Pakistan and Afghanistan has existed longer than Hinduism? No really.....plz tell me something I can grasp oh educated one! I was just pointing out there, we Indians dont go out of our way to boast of our history and contributions like Persians, Greeks, and Arabs. Hell, just look at how our invention of the numeral system was hijacked and called Arabic Numerals!!!! So stop yapping about what you Arabs did for India. Get the facts straight. We Indians had the goods and the Arabs were the middlemen who bought the goods to flip it for a bigger profit to Europe.

    Well, the Arab world has back stabbed India numerous times. The article is referring to the 20th and 21th century.....not ancient times. End of story.

    Look at we Indians supported the Khilafat Movement. What about your INDIAN Muslims brothers....we have the 2nd largest population of Muslims in the world. You backstabbed India after we voted for so many of your causes and took into consideration your opinions, thoughts and feelings.....you royally screwed us by backing resolutions against us in times of conflict with Pakistan, even though the evidence proved we were innocent. So, don't speak of logic, truth and realities when you and your kind don;t have an ounce of that anymore. Your ppl are blinded by hatred and kill each other for petty issues like Sunni and Shia.

    Maybe Arabs should learn some manners. I have heard your type think Indians are like the Mexicans of the Middle East, yet you forget our history of glory.

    Arab racism against Indians and Pakistanis

    Having lived and worked in the Middle East, I come to recognized that there is no one Arab identity as there are many Arab identities, each still live in its own ways and having a different perspective on life and its position in the region and in the world, despite a common belief in Islam and speaking a commom Arabic language. [..]The various Arab nations did not come to being until the defeat of the Ottoman Empire by the British and local Bedos. Furthermore, Arabs suffered the same backlash from being western colonies after the Ottoman defeat and never had a chance to fully develop its own ethno-nationalism. Nasser tried and failed in Egypt.

    The Arabs will never unite as long as Gulf coutries have oil and money. They are so selfish that they will never allow other poor Arab countries to part of that wealth. They would rather have money sitting in banks in Europe and the US building their economies and not helping their brothers.

    Most of these Nations didnt exist 100 years ago; the plan was to wipe off the Ottomans from this world in to history. The Arabs were successfully used at this battle and promised a united Arab land which never came to life. The lands were shared among world powers for their own interests; and our borders were drawn with rulers in straight lines. Then Kings were created for all these separated lands and they were told you are the King on this country, rule your nation and obey us. Everything is still fresh so I dont think Arabs are interested in uniting at this stage. And my other personal theory is that Muslim world is living its 15th century, compare it to the 15th century Christianity. Europe was at its dark ages, slaughtering each other. Muslims arent at as bad a stage as that. I also think the Kings and leaders of these countries dont think its necessary to share their power and wealth with other countries. There is still a very long time for the idea of unity among Arabs.
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    I got my answer what was I expecting. And your tincan arab head still cant understand a simple world "Diplomacy".And we dont need your alliance, actually no one, just your country oil, and thats all we are good.

    And we dont give a damn about you arabs. You cant understand a thing about that in international politics, no one is friend. But I dont care if you people still living in 18th century.

    My main purpose of this thread was where the India goes wrong in diplomacy,, and why the hell, in first place we didnt created our alliance with Israel.
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