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The Arab divide, the sword of Trump and the shield of Netanyahu..

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    The Arab divide, the sword of Trump and the shield of Netanyahu .. The American president could declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel only after the destruction of Yemen, Iraq, Libya and Syria..
    Egyptian Parliament National Security Committee: Arab Spring conspiracy supported Israel


    The decision of the American President Donald Trump to move the capital of Israel to Jerusalem was not merely a random strong step of the American billionaire. It was the culmination of the efforts to dismantle the Arab armies and divide their peoples and territories and the work behind the scenes to strike any attempt to unite these peoples and end their differences..

    Trump dared, and declared that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, only because of the fragmentation of the Arabs, and their involvement in internal wars, and the overthrow of their armies with their own hands. Iraq, for instance since the execution of Saddam Hussein by the Americans in 2006 was not Iraq anymore with fragmentation of several communities and the greatest dream of Iraqi officials in Baghdad became the liberation from Daesh and ending its existence , The situation is similar in Yemen, which was divided between the Yemeni people and the Houthis, the supporters of the late President Ali Abdullah Saleh, and so in Syria and Libya, which has become the safe haven for extremist groups and terrorist entities. it is only after this fragmentation and divisions and the fall of these armies that Trump crushed international laws For his brethren in Israel.

    "US President Donald Trump took his decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem and recognize that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, a conspiracy that began the days of Balfour's promise to create a national homeland for Israel," said Yahya Kadwani, deputy of the National Defense and Security Committee of the House of Representatives.

    He added: "Another conspiratorial factor is the modern Middle East and the creation of chaos, the Arab Spring was the second stage to support Israel, and aimed at changing some Arab regimes in the countries of political, regional and military weight in the region with the aim of causing disruption that will eventually weaken the Arabs in exchange for the strength of Israel, which enjoy security and peace, and that it is the capital of democracy in the East and many slogans that are echoed."


    In an exclusive statement to the "seventh day", Qadwani said that all the Arab region witnessed what was a conspiracy against the Arabs and ended with the grand prize, which is Israel's dream of the honorable Arab Jerusalem / Al Qods as its capital , keeping in mind that the plot was aimed at overthrowing the regimes and dismantling the armies, Foreign interference was blatant in the Arab affairs such as what is happening in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and all the Arab and Islamic countries where it is complementary to the Balfour Declaration and the production of a state of fragmentation of Arabs in preparation for the decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem / Al Qods.

    The secretary of the National Defense and Security Committee said that America adopted the thought and call of Shimon Peres, who said the new Middle East is creative chaos, and aimed at striking the influential forces in the Arab region. Iraq and Syria, succeeded in Libya and tried in Sudan. where they have succeeded in dismantling and dividing it, and tried in Egypt. Stressing that all this plot was aimed at supporting Israel and eventually made its capital the honorable Arab Al Qods/Jerusalem.

    MP Yahya Kedwani said that the US position was contrary to international legitimacy and unilateral, despite the warnings that Trump faced to not recognize and transfer the US embassy to Jerusalem and despite the existence of Security Council Resolutions 242 and 238 according to international legitimacy and the consent of the whole world not to harm Jerusalem and the Arab territories occupied after 1967 Trump, in all this, rejected the idea of peace and direct negotiations and attacked the right of Muslims and Christians in this holy place.

    The Undersecretary of the Defense Committee said that what Trump did is a new crime that no previous American president wanted to commit, although this idea has been on the table for years and none of them was able to do this reckless work done by Trump.

    In agreement with the previous statements Mohammed Abu Hamed, a member of the House of Representatives said:"In general, Israeli plans are set for years, but they are waiting for the right moment to carry out what they are planning," "Israel's plans to control Jerusalem are not new, The United States in the 1990s supported and adopted the statement that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, but the presidents of America were delaying its implementation because they see that the time is not suitable for implementation since the Arab countries were more coherent and America was concerned about the reaction of Arab countries and about the US interests in the region and in the Arab countries".