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The American Caste System


Aug 22, 2018
United States
The majority of the world’s population assumes that America is a Meritocracy. A meritocracy is a system of governing where individuals are selected to have power/control based on their impressive skills and abilities. Unfortunately, this could not be further from the truth. In fact, America has a complex racial and religious caste system. At first glance, from the recent events unfolding in America today it looks like blacks are the most oppressed by whites. This is not necessarily factual, as whites do not make up a single caste. A large portion of the white population is oppressed and exploited by the ruling class as well.

By no means is the image above comprehensive. This is just a generalization for the purpose of clarity. There are exceptions and anomalies. For example, there are African Americans in the higher castes like Beyonce and the Obama family but these individuals are also mixed race and wouldn’t hold their positions of power without close connections with the Anglo/Jewish members of the ruling class.
A Breakdown of Castes
At the bottom of the caste we have Native Americans. They are below blacks because they were forced to live on reservations and were the last oppressed racial group to achieve voting rights in 1930s. Even today, according to the 2016 census 26% of natives are impoverished, the highest percentage of all racial groups. For the nation as a whole 14% live in poverty. Black men however, were granted freedom and the right to vote in 1865 when Native Americans weren’t even citizens.

African Americans were held back due to slavery and Jim Crow. The natives had an even further setback due to reservations and being legally restricted from the American political process for over a century. African Americans were only granted protections in the 60s. That is not enough time to catch up with the working class of other races.

The next Caste is the bulk of the working class. This includes most Hispanics (for convenance we’re going to avoid talking about illegal immigrants because society doesn’t perceive them as differently). Along with them is the Irish, Italians, and other Eastern European ethnic groups. This group has the most revolutionary value and their support for the socialist cause is essential for a successful revolution.

German Americans are a massive chunk of the American population and span across all Classes except for the extremely disadvantaged. This group is able to rise into the aristocratic working class of skilled labor. African Americans have extreme difficulty rising into the Skilled labor, which is due to extreme disadvantaged conditions, we’ll get into that later.

The upper middle class or as Marxist theory puts it, the Petite Bourgeoisie is consisted mostly of Asians including indians, Anglo Americans, and Jews.

The ruling class consists mostly of Anglo Americans and Jews. This group has zero Revolutionary value, they have no reason to rebel against the system that favours them. These people will fight against the workers to the grave. There’s always exceptions to the rule though, which I will further elaborate on in future articles.

How Conditions Affect The Castes
Now, let’s consider the revolutionary value of each caste/class and how changing conditions affects them. Today, American mainstream media and academia openly and enthusastically discuss the simplistic concepts of “systemic racism” and “white privilege“. These concepts make the assumption that all whites live lavishly, and commonly possess a trust fund and stock market investments. You can not group all whites into a single classification because white Americans make up the majority of the proletarian workforce. A white person working for a corporation is just as exploited as their black coworkers.

As economic conditions worsen in late-stage capitalism, the lower castes/classes are the most afflicted. For example, in the 90s, heavy industry jobs were outsourced. Car and steel production jobs vanished from American soil. Although the whole working class suffered, this hit the black community much harder than the Irish, Italians, and Germans who make up the broader working class.

Detroit: Packard factory. Before and after outsourcing. The factory that employed thousands is abandoned and overgrown.
Detroit was once a beautiful, prosperous city but now, it’s in ruins. Detroit has always had a large black population. The difference between then and now is that those African Americans have been further impoverished by lack of employment. In Capitalism the working class relies on profit-hungry corporations for their livelihood. The Capitalist has no loyalty or responsibility to their community. When American workers started demanding fair working conditions and pay the corporations fled to exploit the lower classes/castes in a country without strict labor laws.

Someone in Detroit protesting GM
During the 20th and 21st century, each caste began to sink lower and lower. All major American cities are starting to look more like Detroit as the years go on. Today, we are at the point of experiencing the implosion of social order. The upper middle class has shrunk considerably. Since the Baby Boomers, every generation of the working class has been more poor and exploited than previous generation. Meanwhile all the wealth becomes further concentrated in the hands of a very small few.

The huge problem of income inequality is obvious and most working class Americans are desperate for a solution. Unfortunately, the establishment is very aware of this and have created distractions to deter the working class socialist movement. For example: Identity politics, “white nationalism” and the theories of “white privilege” are pure distractions that only worsen the situation.

These theories push people into a simplistic, primitive, tribal mindset that pits them against each other. The nefarious purpose is to make a socialist revolution virtually impossible because the lower classes are too busy attacking each other to focus on the source of their problem. The only solution is a solidarity approach. We must not argue over victimhood and who is more oppressed. EVERYBODY would benefit from the complete abolition of capitalism and the transition to a new mode of production.

The bottom of the pyramid (Natives and African Americans) have the most to gain from the revolution. However, the most popular pro-black movement “Black Lives Matter” became a counter revolutionary force thanks to propaganda during the 2014 Ferguson riots. Hollywood, the media and academia have manipulated African Americans into idolizing/protecting their oppressors. Celebrities and corporations have recuperated the “Black Lives Matter” rhetoric.

There is hope, recently after the murder of George Floyd, the ideological control of “Black Lives Matter” is slipping from the hands of the ruling class. Many black Americans have woken up to the fact that the only path to their liberation and success is through the abolition of capitalism. Those who do not acknowledge the role of capitalism in the oppression of Black Americans are being regarded as uninformed or supporters of racism.

This scared the absolute daylight out of the ruling class, I know this because they asked all their influencers to post a black square on instagram and other social medias to drown out the extremely popular black lives matter hashtags.

Many attendees at the recent George Floyd protests were handing out anti-capitalist pamplets with Malcom X quotes that support the socialist cause.
When the whole working class is liberated, the natives and the blacks will be liberated. They will see their conditions improve tenfold and witness the demise of any systemic racism that remains in American society. However this will only happen if they have solidarity with the underclass whites that are experiencing a complete hollowing out of their class.

This is not about race, this is about a struggle against parasitic capitalism. However, we must understand the caste system in order to know who to depend on and who will back the system during the days of it’s collapse. Attacking the working class based on ethnicity is exactly what the ruling class wants you to do because this will not bring about any radical change. We need to focus on the abolition of capitalism. Identity politics is nothing but a distraction. The demise of the system will come when there is complete United Front against Capitalism.


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