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Terrorists block Babusar road, take GB minister and two foreigners hostage

I remember posting a video clip on this forum last year, where this militant commander was giving interview to a media guy near Babusar top, and it was repeatedly deleted as propaganda, even after BBC urdu reported on the incident. I was also issued warnings to not post it again, I believe The Eagle was the mod. But that was back when there was dosti between pti fanboys and the army fanboys. Lets see how it's seen now.

Tourists, minister trapped as ‘militants’ block Babusar Road in GB

Jamil Nagri Published October 8, 2022 Updated about 5 hours ago

GILGIT: Militants set up blockades on one of the major arteries linking Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with Gilgit-Baltistan, leaving a senior minister and several tourists stranded on Babusar Road near Chilas on Friday, sources told Dawn.

A voice clip shared on social media purportedly features Senior GB Minister Abaidullah Baig as saying that he was on his way from Islamabad to Gilgit when militants blocked the road to press authorities for the release of their accomplices from jail.

Sources said Habibur Rahman, GB’s most wanted militant commander who was accused of killing 10 foreigners in Nanga Parbat, and his accomplices blocked the road in Thak Village of Chilas in Diamer on Friday around 4pm, leaving travellers on both sides stranded.

Sources said the militants were demanding the release of their accomplices, including those involved in the gruesome murder of foreigners in the Nanga Parbat area and other terrorist incidents in Diamer.

Dawn tried to contact police and officials to confirm the reports, however, no one responded until the filing of this report on Friday night.

Sources said political leaders and officials from the district were engaged in negotiations with the militants.

Later, an interview said to be that of the GB minister surfaced on social media. In the audio clip, a man could be heard saying that negotiations with the commanders were underway who had two basic demands. “They have sought release of their accomplices from jails and imposition of Islamic laws, with no women sports activities,” he said.

Published in Dawn, October 8th, 2022

Armed men kidnap GB minister, 2 foreigners from Babusar Road: police sources​

Senior GB Minister Abaid ullah Baig. — Geo.tv/File
Senior GB Minister Abaid ullah Baig. — Geo.tv/File

  • Talks underway for release of Gilgit Baltistan minister.
  • Abaid ullah Baig was kidnapped from Babausar Road on Friday.
  • Religious figures and elders are holding talks with kidnappers.

SKARDU: Armed men demanding the release of their accomplices from jail have kidnapped a Gilgit-Baltistan minister and two foreigners from the Babusar Road, police sources said Saturday.

The sources told Geo News that GB Prisons Minister Abaid ullah Baig was on his way along with the foreigners from Islamabad to Gilgit when abducted by the terrorists.

Baig was elected from Hunza 6 on a PTI ticket.

Former GB government spokesperson Faizullah told the TV channel that he spoke to Abaid ullah Baig and talks were underway for his release.

Faizullah said he was present at the Jirga where negotiations are held with kidnappers.

“Religious figures and elders are also here in Thak Jal,” he added.



Dec 21, 2021
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United Kingdom
I wont blame the Jirga
the traditional Pashton order has been attacked by TTP , systematically killing Maliks and family leaders. my one class fellow lost 5 members of his family in a suicide attack at his local mosque.
the Pakistan army has abandoned these Pashtons to many times at the mercy of these terrorists to fend for themselves that they have no choice to make some peace and accept their fate at the hands of these hounds of hell.
Yeah perhaps they will also speak on behalf of Pakistan army to try to come to an agreement of sorts.

ever wondered how Adnan Rashid managed to escape so many times after being captured and Ehsan ullah Ehsan just vanished from custody?
Just Googled him 😳

How did he manage that? Did the army let them free themselves after negotiation?

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