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Terrible experience in US security checks(Boston Logan)


Oct 8, 2009
United States
Hi All

I have a terrible experience during immigration to US today and wanted to share it with members....

Intentions : Before i start i would like to make my intention clear about opening the thread...I treat US as my second home and want to do something about the terrible experience that i faced so that people don't end up having a bad taste....I would request members to please give some valuable suggestion(if you can) or share if you have any similar experience but please don't use this discussion to shower your hatred/grudge against US(if you have any)....As this is personal experience and happened just today so i am still a little shaken and sensitive about it...Hope people will comply to my request...

Background : I went to India two weeks back for vacation and heard about Nigerian guy trying to blow up a plane...I was happy that the plan was busted but the news made me really nervous because i knew that now immigration people would be on their toes...Being a sikh i know there are definite different standards applied while screening you during immigration(Sikhs though very different yet a layman can mistaken them as someone coming straight from AF belonging to Taliban/Al-Qaeda to commit another 9/11)...Though unfortunate yet i know that this is fact and to be honest have learned to live with it...after all terrorism is a reality in today's world....I believe its the looks that cause this confusion among security/immigration people - though a bigger question is should a liberal society allow different screening standards of people based on their looks???

Here are some pictures that i would like to post...

For a layman this is how a devoted Sikh(known as Nihang - A warrior) looks


A Sikh who is not a nihang kind of dresses like this

And here is a the picture which caused lot of racist attacks on Sikh community

I can easily see the difference between the looks of the above two images but maybe a person who has no idea about Sikhism would find it hard to differentiate...Though ignorance can't be used as an excuse and any discrimination on looks/caste/religion etc should be condemned unequivocally....

: As said above i was nervous because of security issue in US and had prepared myself for extensive checking but to much of my dismay the fuss was much bigger than what i anticipated... The moment i reached immigration officer he started asking me all sorts of questions(it should be noted that it was my 7 visit in last 3 years)...Obviously i answered all of them to the satisfaction of the officer. He then asked for the finger prints and i complied...Then came the bummer...He asked me to remove my hat(i covered my head with a hat instead of turban) to take the picture...I explained to him that as per my religion i am supposed to cover my head all the time and cannot remove my hat...To ask a sikh remove his head cover is equivalent to asking a women remove her clothes and that too in full public glare....I explained the officer about my reluctance and told him that at best i can pull it above my forehead so that he can take a cleat picture of mine....At this he called his supervisor and after discussion with him(supervisor) told me to follow him....They took me to a separate room where there were many people sitting(all from the same flight that I boarded)...I was not surprised to see that most of them were Muslims( i kind of figured from their names)....Here i was asked to sit and later(15-20 minutes) an officer came and told me bluntly that i would have to remove my hat...I tried to explain him but he said that you have to follow the law...I told him that if i need to do it as per Law than i am all for it...However some sensitivity should be shown as per tenets of my religion and i should be taken to a private room...At that he said that there are no private rooms and I have to remove my hat right here in front of people...This was shocking...I never had face such extreme thing in my past visits...I understand the security concern but could not understand the insensitivity around the procedure and the way things were communicated....With almost tears in my eyes i removed my hat and found out that they were not ready to take picture because there is some issue in the system...This was like adding insult to the injury... I waited for nearly 10 minutes with uncovered head and was feeling disgusted(something like you are being raped)....After the photo session i was stopped at customs and once again the series of questioning started...then i was asked to wait for some time and finally after my luggage was frisked i was asked to leave....Somehow i carried myself and talked to the officer..I told him that this is my seventh visit and never had such a horrific experience....How unfair was it for me to ask for a private room??? After all i am not a terrorist and appreciate their work for keeping people secure...but why this insensitivity about someone's religion??? At this he told me that he will make a note of this but can't promise me anything...With a bad taste i left the airport but not able to sleep and that embarrassing moment is still troubling me.....I can't understand why there is so much fuss and insensitivity in US...After all i cleared UK security and immigration just yesterday(my connecting flight got canceled and had to stay there for a day)..They also have tightened the security but they are very much sensitive about someone's religion(atleast my experience)...

Next Step : As a next step can any member please advice is there anything i can do in this regard??? I am thinking of contacting a local gurudwara(temple for sikhs) and share my experience with them...May be they can suggest something.....

Also if you have faced similar experience please share on this thread
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Sep 8, 2008
I am sorry to hear about your experience.There is nothing you can do IMO.Airports usually hire uneducated tools for security and these people on air ports are very rude specially at US Airports.There have been many complaints against JFK's airport staff but nothing has happened.The TSA officers are jerks.


May 4, 2009
Also if you have faced similar experience please share on this thread

I have had, it was some years ago, the WoT was fresh..... and because of this man

I was humiliated many times over....... including the fact that I had to lose my beard...... which was actually more like a goatee but.. :disagree: .......... whatever!

I also know some Muslims, a Sikh friend (childhood dear friend) and some Hindu friends as well including a few gals who were really terribly treated.

Some of them were even citizenship holders, born and raised in the :usflag: ........ :undecided:

that Sikh friend of mine, (he is my childhood friend and a very nice and decent guy) was utterly humiliated in Australia :frown: (when he told me about it...... all I wanted to do was kick some Aussie right in the nuts :angry:)

an Indian girl, who went abroad for the first time (was also a Muslim) was badly treated at the airport during my flight, and I really felt angry and miserable at the same time. :angry: , I really dont know why they asked her to remove her top (it had a lot of emrbroidery probably some metal or whatever) but she was asked, whether she actually did or not I dont know, but it pisses me off even to this day.

But what can you say ......??

These days I'm here in Pakistan and for a few years I havent been abroad but I really feel for you!!

If there is any online petition or any other way we here can help, Please let us know brother!

and take care of yourself!
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Nov 10, 2008
the land of the free is only free for the whites and the Europeans
history shows us that many times and we should take it into account


Nov 27, 2008
United States
United States
It pains me greatly to hear of these "horror" stories. As a German-Scottish American, 60+ years old, I have been separately wanded and body scanned and asked to step aside for a chemical swab test. But I didn't feel it was personal, just the stupidity of the TSA people. Until al Qaeda is "defeated" this is going to be the way of it for foreign air passengers to the USA. Very, very sad.


Sep 8, 2009
Well I lost 80,000 USD deal just few months ago , becasue I was made to miss a flight to meet CEO of company would I get that chance back ?? NO ... would I get chance to work with some prestigious JFK related project no ...I was very very passionate about this project but what I can I say ... Hurray for TSA ...

They had 8 ppl waiting to meet me I went airport 6 pm and still missed my flight since the TSA agent could not connect with some office , since it was early morning , even thou I had 100% complete documentation ad travelled 40+ times before it meant nothing .. I watched as my flight time came and then 5 min later he said ok you are clear to go - I just sat there and , thought to myself wow .. this is not right .. but I could not do nothing ... so I came home taking a next flight was NOT an option

And I have not even gone out of North America in last 10 years -

Every time I go they tell me I won't face this issue , and every time I get held up for like 40-50 min and end up missing flights

Later again when I travelled - full suit and tie had to strip down to just shirt and pants - every thing off -


They do these checks to lower the Paranoia level - for public

Reality is anyone who wants to go to US just go mexico and then jump the fence , thats what most of the mexicans do - :coffee:

Or just do like the Nigerian person did

Seems like the security system only works if you have nothing it stops you if you have somethig you get escorted into plan frist class even

I can't take a water bottle beats me how any one can smuggle something else

I don't know your case is really sad - I feel your pain I was also very shocked and distressed for 2-3 days after my ordeal

Next time someone touched me at airport I gave them piece of my mind - lol then they did a bio test on my baggage I just laughed ...


TSA = Totally Suck Arse Losers

FACT : Every year Millions die in car accident across USA
Should be put a TSA aget on highway to stop every car for 20 min on highway ????

....I don't know .. what to say

I used to buy stuff on ebay but since they started bullshi...tin me to send em my driverlicence ad other id just so I can buy 10 dollar item - I have never bought anymore thing from ebay ... I bought form a chinese oline compay got my item in 5 days , but they treated me with respect

So I am just 1 person but when you abuse Millions that is millions ad millions of lost revenue for USA ...and eventually billions of dollars of investment lost
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Oct 16, 2009
The US has a lost a lot of credibility and respect during the Bush tenure. The privacy of the people has been severely invaded. New laws for spying on their own citizens have been introduced. As a result many people in the US live with insecurity. Such tales don't surprise me. I'm glad that I've never been to the US. I'm also glad that neither will I in the future be going to the US.


Apr 29, 2009
I am sorry you had such a bad experience at the airport. Unfortunately these are times we live in. I have been wanded and my luggage searched many a time.
Then came the bummer...He asked me to remove my hat(i covered my head with a hat instead of turban) to take the picture...I explained to him that as per my religion i am supposed to cover my head all the time and cannot remove my hat...To ask a sikh remove his head cover is equivalent to asking a women remove her clothes and that too in full public glare....I explained the officer about my reluctance and told him that at best i can pull it above my forehead so that he can take a cleat picture of mine...
If I can give you guys a tip from a fellow traveler.

1) Follow all reasonable request by the officer.

Everyone here is blaming the TSA but Deckingraj was dealing with an immigration officer.

If you has just said "Yes officer go ahead take my picture", he would have taken your picture and you would have been out of there, perhaps a little embarrassed.

By coming up with an excuse you forced him to take you to another room. The photograph was taken and you left humiliated and embarrassed.

Understand one thing the officer is not going to back down. If it was a lady in a head to toe Burqa and said "Go ahead take my picture but I can not show my face" do you think the officer would comply? By the way this was tried for a drivers license in Miami.

Once again this is the world we live in. Better to put up with a little humiliation than not arrive at your destination.


Nov 8, 2009
I had to support Nomad. Security is very Important. We need these kind of strict security until global jihad is defeated.


Mar 4, 2008
United Kingdom
wats happenin with this close to naked scan? is this now in place?
another such incident and they will tell everyone (especially muslims) to take there clothes off.


Mar 6, 2009
DeckinRaj..I feel your pain!!!

While security is very important, people and their faith need to be respected!!! ..but if you think about it how hard would it be for a terrorist to dress up like an Indian sardar? I pray that you never ever have such an experience like this again. I'm all for the new body scanners that is making news.


Nov 8, 2009
But people have to respect others religious feelings too yaar ..
People need not respect other peoples religious feelings. Do you respect Taliban or Bin Ladens religious feelings? You need to respect people not their beliefs.

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