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Tareen, son’s arrest not needed, FIA informs court


Sep 26, 2018
United Kingdom
United Kingdom

A banking court directed on Friday the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to give a seven-day notice to PTI estranged leader Jahangir Tareen before arresting him in a fake accounts case.

Additional Sessions Judge Rafat Ali Gondal heard the case as Tareen turned up before him.

The FIA deputy director informed the court that the agency doesn’t need to arrest the PTI leader. It will give an advance notice to the accused, if such need arises, he added.

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At this, Tareen’s lawyer requested the court to direct the FIA to inform his client at least ten days before arresting him.

After the FIA official’s statement, the lawyer pleaded with the judge to allow his client to withdraw his bail application. The court disposed of the bail plea and directed the FIA to give a seven-day notice to Tareen before taking any action against him.

Separately, a sessions court disposed of bail pleas of Jahangir Tareen and his son Ali Tareen in a money laundering case. The father-son duo asked the court for permission to withdraw their bail pleas in the case, which was granted.

The FIA’s investigation officer informed the court that the PTI leader and his son Ali Tareen’s arrest is not needed. “We are currently reviewing the record,” he said. When asked how many cases have been registered against them, their counsel replied that no case has been filed against him yet.

Disposing of the bail applications, the court instructed that the FIA will have to give a ten-day notice to the PTI leader and his son, if their arrest is needed.

Jan 16, 2021
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
No NRO given to JKT for sugar, no NRO for RRR to Sarwar, Bukhari, no NRO to everyone involved in mega corruption. This is Mirzai logic
Not been brought in by the establishment, not totally helped by establishment did not give extension to extension wala Baba. Did not go to IMF. Did not allow rampant inflation and rampant unemployment. Did not do corruption.
Munafiq logic
He's a good guy, hero trying his best, only being hampered by those around him. Dumb f"** logic
This is PTI logic
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Jun 22, 2007
Unfortunately JKT like the Nawaz family, also made his fortune by sucking the blood and souls of poor Pakistanis. People know that He made billions by manipulating the sugar prices several times but what people don’t know is how he became a sugar baron in the first place. He was the economic advisor to Chief minister Punjab AKA Chota Ganja Shahbaz, when he got his first sugar mills license for JDW. Sugar mills license were banned at the time. Then he got a loan from the Punjab government to set up JDW with zero collateral. Would an ordinary Pakistan be able to get a 90 crore loan if he didn’t have collateral? I don’t think so. And then there is his his long dastaan of money laundering and corruption under the Musharraf regime. Khan knows this now and I hope he doesn’t spare him.

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