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TAI acquired all shares of TR Motor


Mar 2, 2018
All shares of TRMotor Power Systems, which was established by SSTEK under the Presidency of Defense Industries on April 20, 2017, passed to Turkish Aerospace Industries. The change was also reflected on the company's website. Previously, BMC sold its shares in TRMotor and left the partnership.


TRMotor was established to carry out design and development activities in the field of engine technologies in line with the needs of Turkey. The company has already signed an agreement with TAI for the development of Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) and Air Turbine Start System (ATSS) solutions within the scope of the National Combat Aircraft (MMU) Project.

On the other hand, in 2018, the MMU New-Gen Engine Development Program Framework Agreement was signed between the Presidency of Defense Industries and TRMOTOR.


Possible Collaboration with Rolls-Royce on the Engine of the National Combat Aircraft

Since Turkey has not had experience in developing a turbofan engine of this size before, the possibility of working with a foreign partner to develop an unique engine is being evaluated. Previously, the British Rolls-Royce company made an attempt in this direction and 'TAEC Aircraft Motor Industry Inc.' was established in 2017, together with Kale Group. Kale Group owned 51% of the company that was established.

However, due to disagreements on various issues, TAEC Company could not operate for a long time. Head of Presidency of Defense Industry Prof. Dr. İsmail DEMİR, during a statement he made on March 25, 2021, “Rolls-Royce does not have a ready engine for this aircraft" he said.

"They were offering to develop an engine for this aircraft with a partnership they established in Turkey, but there were 5-6 items that we could not accept among the conditions of that development. We negotiated with them for a long time on these items, and now came to the point we wanted."

At the moment, we think we are in a position where an agreement can be made. From our point of view, the problem has come to a certain point, and after that it depends on the other party (Rolls-Royce), there are some financial items there, and we will decide on this when we see them. So the ball is on the opposite court.”


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