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Supreme Court bars Husain Haqqani from travel


May 21, 2011
Supreme Court bars Husain Haqqani from travel

Former Pakistan ambassador to US Husain Haqqani. - File Photo

ISLAMABAD: A Pakistani parliamentarian says the Supreme Court has barred the country’s former envoy to the US from leaving, while a commission investigates his role in a memo scandal that led to his resignation.

The Supreme Court appointed a former senior government investigator, Tariq Khosa, to head a commission to probe the scandal, said Khwaja Asif, a Pakistani lawmaker and one of nine opposition politicians who petitioned the court asking for an investigation.

The court ordered Haqqani to stay in the country until the 3-week probe is complete, Asif said.

Haqqani has been accused of crafting a memo asking the US for help in reining in Pakistan’s military, following the American raid that killed Osama bin Laden in May. Asif is one of nine lawmakers who requested an investigation into the allegations.

Haqqani has denied involvement. He said Thursday that he had not been officially notified of the court decision, but that he did not intend to travel.

Supreme Court bars Husain Haqqani from travel | Pakistan | DAWN.COM


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