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Suicide Blast in Mardan Army Training Centre


Aug 23, 2009
well it goes to show two things, first should we kill a school boy approaching an installation, or take a chance? secondly, release Raymond Davis and the blasts will stop again. Every time we have some friction with U.S, the blasts start occurring. The whole Army knows that Indians and British are training Blauch militants in training camps in Afghanistan, obviously they cant do it without U.S blessing

this my friend is the fact that people don't see!!! the minute we do something against USA blasts on CIA offices & Army cantonments increase!


Jan 13, 2010
Russian Federation
When our security establishment will take step toward master minds behind these blasts? who many more have to give lives for their useless negotiations or peace talks, why only Pakistan under these brutal activities of foreign organizations? We only make warnings and sit back.

This is big question over security.

Track back and find who behind it & take decisive action to terminate these organizations no matter where they are, US can do it and we can't? where this written? Do everything to save lives of Pakistanis.


Sep 5, 2009
Official resources reported that at least 20 soldiers of Pakistan Army martyred as a result of a suicide attack.

On Thursday, a suicide attacked happened at a very secure parade place resulting at least 20 soldiers martyred. It was also said that another 20 soldiers were injured in Mardan.

Injured were taken to a hospital in Mardan while critical injured were taken to Peshawar.

Police sources said that the bomber blew himself up at the Punjab Regiment Center, a unit of Pakistan army, around 8:15 a.m. local time when the soldiers were busy in a routine training.

Security sources said that the bomber, a teenager wearing school uniform, walked to the parade ground and blew himself up near the soldiers.

Sources said that the bomber may have taken advantage of the relaxed security for a school in the cantonment area and resembling as student of the school.

The banned Pakistani Taliban outfit, Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan, has claimed the responsibility for the suicide attack, sources said. The militants have already launched at least two attacks on military center in the past, sources said.

Army has sealed the road and only allowed Ambulances to pass through. The army also conducted rescue and relief operation.

Pakistani Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has condemned the terrorist attack, reiterating that such cowardly attacks cannot affect moral of the security agencies and resolve of the nation to eradicate terrorism, a statement from the PM office said.

Refrence: PAKISTAN DEFENCE NEWS BLOG: 20 soldiers of Pakistan Army martyred in a suicide attack on Thursday


Feb 8, 2010
Horrific. What could make a young boy like that blow himself up against his own military forces? May the deceased rest in peace.


Aug 30, 2010
United Kingdom
It is possible that the kid didn't know whats going to happen with him..It may well be a remote control bomb placed in his school bag..A detailed inquiry into the incident will reveal all,and possibly catch the perpetrators.

This also marks a change in tactics from whoever is behind these mass killings.... You cannot possibly suspect an innocent looking school boy in school uniform... But then again a school boy cannot possibly gather explosive material and then build and blast a bomb all by himself..it certainly means he had consensual or non consensual help from some others who are still out there and need to be caught..

Irfan Baloch

Apr 12, 2009
you see.. Generally speaking., a regular solider of any country (that is conscious of its image & laws) is always constrained by public backlash, rules of engagement, collateral damage, civilians, women and children and being careful while discharging his weapons in crowded place etc.

Whereas these nameless, faithless and shameless terrorists will use everything to their advantage.. Women, children, disabled people, places of worship and refuge. Time and again these animals have demonstrated that they can go low even further than one thinks is possible.

boy in uniform in that part of the country would melt anyone’s heart that a child has to face the constant threat of Taliban who oppose education and regularly blow up schools. But alas a picture of that apparent innocent angel was in fact angel of death.

Few years back a similar incident happened in the same region when a grown up guy covered in a traditional chador managed to run into a group of marching soldiers and killed about 60 or so soldiers.

Taliban & their Sipah Sahabah cousins have time and again demonstrated that they are able to inflict deep physical , psychological and emotional wounds at the same time in their attacks on places of worship or government installations and public gatherings. Time and again I remind myself about the sayings of the Holy Prophet PBUH who warned us that there will be a group that will claim to be Muslim and recite and quote Quran excessively in its speeches & sermons but the verses & their meanings wont go below their own throats. This group (kharjis) will employ very young boys and they will spill the blood of the innocent like water.

The message from Taliban here is that the people responsible for providing the security to the people are not safe themselves in their own house.

I imagine there will be some token retaliatory air strikes or artillery barrage on “terrorist hideouts” with typical number of terrorists “killed”.

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