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Success in war on terror linked to Kashmir: FM

Discussion in 'Pakistan's Internal Security' started by Omar1984, Oct 6, 2010.

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    * Qureshi says US has responsibility to find just solution to Kashmir dispute
    * Pakistan does not want Talibanisation of region

    NEW YORK: Pakistan on Friday stressed that the US had a special role in facilitating an acceptable settlement of the Kashmir dispute and underscored the relation between resolution of the dispute and success in the war on terrorism in the region.

    Speaking at the Asia Society, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi drew attention to the plight of Kashmiris in the Indian-held Kashmir (IHK). “It is time the international community realised the seriousness of the situation and take practical steps to cure this festering sore of South Asia,” he emphasised. “The United States, as the world leader, has special responsibility towards finding a just and peaceful solution of Kashmir,” he said, adding, “It would also be critical for our joint efforts to contain and eradicate terrorism.”

    The foreign minister said Washington had good relations with both Pakistan and India and “can play a facilitating role” for resolution of the decades-old dispute. However, he noted that ultimately it would be for India, Pakistan and the Kashmiris to solve the problem. Referring to the ongoing protests in IHK against Indian rule and security forces’ brutal response to the agitation, the foreign minister said children and women were being killed in Kashmir. “They are demanding their right to self-determination. Their voice cannot be suppressed,” he said. Qureshi said Islamabad wanted to normalise its relations with India but it could not remain oblivious to Kashmiri people’s plight.

    The foreign minister reaffirmed Pakistan’s unfaltering commitment to fighting terrorists despite challenges posed by the recent floods and said it did not want Talibanisation of the region. “Nobody should presume that in the face of flood disaster, we will lose focus on the war against terrorism and extremism,” he said. The democratic government had invested huge political capital in this war and the Pakistani people do not want Talibanisation of Afghanistan because what happens in that country has a fallout on Pakistan, he added. app
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    Pakistan is saying that for last five decades but failed to convince US, does he think US will do that now or it can??? They LOC will never change, it will remain as it is.
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    i couldnt hear him,he shud speak louder.
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    How is WOT related to Kashmir? Unless of course he meant freedom fighters and Ajmal Kasabs will not be dealt with?
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    how the hell the war in Afg is connected to Kashmir.

    Indian Army is capable to deal with the terrorists coming from the western border.
    Pakistan should be worried about Talibanisation of its own country!!!
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    hehehe indian army is capable to deal with terrorists........they can kill only innocent which they are doing professionally for last 60 years or so .......