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Su-57 is no longer needed?

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Feb 13, 2012

interesting things are happening in the current mundialya times. Good he, world cup every four years. Often psyche just would not survive. Although, it's probably just a coincidence.

Nevertheless, the coincidence, which we want to talk from the area unpleasant.

However, the trouble is today quite common. Especially in the performance vysokopatogennym officials and members. The deputy of the state duma Vladimir gutenev. Not a simple "They said/voted," no. The head of the state duma commission on legal support to the development organizations of the defense industry, first vice-president of the union of machine builders of Russia, member of state duma expert council for the aviation industry. In general – man on a very important post. In interview to agency "Interfax-avn" Vladimir gutenev, with reference to the speech of the vice prime minister yuri borisov has actually condemned the very idea of arming the Russian vks latest SU-57. Yes, those SU-57, which had been so long the pak fa, now that is just not needed.

Or they have no money, which in principle is the same. The following is quote from an interview with guteneva, "Interfax". Comments. "I pretty much agree with the words of yuri ivanovich (borisov) about the fact that we can hardly expect massive purchases of SU-57". "The undoubted advantages of this machine, of course, we understand that the start program was given in 2001, and the implementation of the program for a number of objective reasons was delayed (originally planned in 2006 — 2007 to conduct flight tests, and in 2014 had to deliver to the troops), due to the very dynamic development of technologies — it applies to electronic warfare systems and new composite materials, and new possibilities for additive technology in terms of a constructive reduction in price of the machines. " Vladimir Putin, yuri ivanovich, we're correct? SU-57 is not needed in large quantities for the reason that it is outdated? many media outlets saw it that way. We as it turns out, fiddling with the pak fa, making it the SU-57, now it seems like not need. And our aircraft urgently needs to sit down.
For the sixth generation fighter! well, utter nonsense. Adopted adopted several of the fifth generation fighter. Specifically — the american f-22 raptor, f-35a/b and the chinese j-20. Good, bad, quality, or not adopted, that is mass-produced. Flight tests are still a few fighters: the f-35c (usa), SU-57 (russia), j-31 (China), x 2 (atd-x) (Japan). Well, on the approach of several models. When the time to date? and why so suddenly everybody realized the need to begin to create the sixth generation fighter? the fifth has not yet brought to mind, obviously, and already have the sixth to do.

Strange, at first glance, but if carefully understand the words guteneva, everything falls into place. "I believe that the sixth-generation fighter to be a transition machine between the planes, and even managed person, and intelligent drone strike complexes (bioc) — in this case we are talking about air biuk that will thanks to his intelligence to perform tasks, including a fairly massive group. " amazing. Borisov said that the massive supplies of the SU-57 vcs will not either do, or in the next decade (and who they will be terrible in 10 years, pray tell?), gutenev begins to tell tales about the fact that the SU-57 and doesn't really need. "Well, of course, due to the fact that we possess highly advanced machines, is a SU-34 and SU-35, which did well". "Until the 2023-2024 year, the SU-57 is to install the engine of the second stage, the test which has just begun, this is — "Article 30", and despite the fact that our machine is much cheaper (according to my estimates, 2. 5 times than that of foreign analogues of the 5-th generation), but still it is much more expensive and requires a more nuanced service when compared with SU-34 and SU-35". "Therefore i agree with the opinion of yuri ivanovich (borisov), which we already have experience where by sound technical policy actually jumped a generation, largely saving the budget. " here it is "Warmer". And most importantly – to the pain like dance around the platform "Armata". This "Wunder", "Nameusername", storm the whole of the hostile world, thousands of "Armat" will lead anyone to a heart attack, then suddenly "We'll order 100 pieces, and see what happens. " in the end, show off a dozen at the parade showed the world and. Oops.

T-72b3 is everything. The same thing starts (started) and around the SU-57. Should translate words guteneva? apparently, the man he is honest. That and trying to wriggle out of the unpleasant situation. The engine (not this) on the SU-57 no. Technicians and indentured servants either. And, most importantly, apparently no money at all.

Absolutely. And to address the issues of paragraphs 1 and 2. Although there is something in addition. "We certainly are under a short stay in february this year, our machines SU-57 in Syria to clarify a number of possible and related data on the ability of the f-22 and f-35 to detect our aircraft — telemetry gave a significant reason for their improvement. " apparently, yes. Apparently, the SU-57 was completely not what was expected of him. Is that even possible? i doubt it, to be honest. So that's that, and the planes we know how to do.
Su-57 at least no worse than their classmates. Another issue is that suddenly it turned out that the 22nd and the 35th was not nearly as bad as is commonly believed. This could happen. Yes, it is in syria. It is in the conditions approached to fighting, our specialists realized that the f-22 and f-35 not flying such dull vegetables as we all talked. What if suddenly a sharp turn from "Let's do this, the sky is ours" to "And not something like"?. But there is another option. The most unpleasant.

Read the words guteneva. "Therefore, the concentration (of efforts) during the transition, the 6th generation, i think, would be much more appropriate, and the 5th generation has to serve the limited-edition version of working out the technical tasks that would enable, on the one hand, to capitalize on foreign markets, the costs incurred on this car, and the other hand to improve systems (future aircraft)". This can be called either a failure of the pak fa, or betrayal. If you tilt the verbal husks, gutenev says the following: SU-57 in the army uninteresting. The mp believes that in the interests of the defence industry would be "Simply to create the appearance of export SU-57 with the engine of the second stage". Just form export form, and start selling SU-57 for everyone. "This is a rational and appropriate approach providing the balance between the interests of the military-industrial complex (mic) and the customer. This is absolutely true and pragmatic solution. " well what can i say? and nothing. In the previous article, commenting on the words of alexander khramchikhin, we talked about the fact that everything that alexander wanted to foster and build for the army and navy, might just be unnecessary in case even of extreme need. The missile will remain in pits and containers, aircraft on the ground, ships at berth. And behold, the very next day, confirmation. We do not need "Armata". We have enough T-72, which put a bit of electronics and called it the T-72b3.
The "Armata" can be sold to those who for it can pay. While it's "Export attractive. " we do not need T-90. So we have 350, and 1000 Indians. India was able to pay.

And now get Egypt and kuwait. 500 and 146 pieces. Because i can afford it. We don't need s-400 (and s-500 is a hypothetical), because s-400 want those who can pay for them. What is the country of NATO.

Dollars in Turkey are the same as those of the hindus. We do not need the SU-57. Enough SU-34 and SU-35. Luxury airplanes, they still fly and fly. And the SU-57 can.

Well, sell. For those who have no opportunity to develop, but there are dollars. Bahrain, qatar, saudi arabia. In general, we should look there, in the bright distance. Where our football team will be champion of the world, our politicians, honest and steadfast, will lead us to a beautiful and rich life, the level of income will be higher than in decayed states, and so on. The main thing – not to see what a once great country begins to turn into a street market where takeaway can buy everything: honor, conscience, law, oil, gas, latest developments in science and technology. Many will say: well, purely Ukraine. Yes, agree.

There are also able to tell stories about supertanki. And tell. And people believe that the t-84 will break the "Armata". Where are they to go? here we are, probably, believe that the SU-57 is not needed. We are worthy at once of a fighter 6th generation SU-109.

That is probably going to develop the money raised from the sale of the SU-57 for everyone. And maybe nothing's wrong. Usa with all its technology trade. But why such a nasty taste in the mouth and strange words in my head spinning? Ukraine, SoMalia, Sudan. Source of quotes: an interview with "Interfax".


*Interesting article but very bad translation!

Tai Hai Chen

Oct 15, 2017
The only use F-22 and Su-57 have is bombing sandal wearing terrorists. They are never for export and they are never used in air to air combat.

Obviously it is needed. It has very low RCS compared to last generation Su-27, 360 degrees AESA coverage, super cruise. Internal weapons bays means less drag, better speed, better range. Kh-59MK2 is a beast against terrorists who threaten Russia.

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