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Stupidity of TikTokers Involved In 14th August

Ahmet Pasha

May 23, 2017
United States

Shame on this guy who is benefiting off of a girl that is "gori" and he is mainly catering to thirsty/lustful mujra watching paindoos. Selling a girl on TikTok just to get rich and famous.

I AM IN NO WAY JUSTIFYING the horrible groping at Minar e Pakistan. Just saying that these 2 were not as innocent as portrayed. It was same story in Noor Muqaddam case the girl was spending nights with that animal Zahir Jaffer and people were saying she was becoming religious and wearing burka and going to religious majalis then there was a video of her dancing in a wedding with him. The British girl who was murdered in Lahore. Her father said she was very naik paarsa. While she lied to her family about going to Dubai and hadn't spoken to them for months on end.

Haramzadgi ka nateeja/anjaam haramzadgi hi hota hai. TikTok in general is a cesspool of thirst and lust whether Pakistani or Western TikTok.

That is why Islam teaches what it teaches.

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