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Stupid and funny from all over the world - II

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Sep 10, 2010
United Kingdom
United Kingdom

4th Largest Army...:omghaha:
Does any of the photos prove that these people got selected? Anyone can go and try his/her hand in joining Armed Forces.

My grandfather who was general manager of Sandesh (Daily Newspaper with daily readership of 12 million) and quite patriotic journalist who gave up his graduation for Gandhi's Non-cooperation and tried to join Armed forces just after independence. He was asked to breathe in as heavily as he could so the selectors can measure his chest. He was told that he wasn't selcted for apparently not meeting minimum chest criteria. To which he famously replied 'Women are supposed to have big chests not men. Plus passion is needed to join Armed forces not big chests.'

And let's not even go on quality of Pak Armed Forces

Obviously he wasn't selected but yeah. So, keep this thread stupid and funny, stupid!

Btw 2nd largest Army in the world :)
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