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Struggling to find a person in Kashmir who sides with India today - Indian reporter

Discussion in 'Central & South Asia' started by Shahzaz ud din, Aug 9, 2019.

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    I actually think Pakistan should have promised to safeguard Kashmir as an autonomous region, or even as an independent nation keeping the Kashmiri culture (not religion) vibrant. It would have set it apart from India and not give the impression that it just wanted the land as some Indians think that Pakistan wants.

    Kashmir had a potential to be a neutral, strategic country like Nepal or Bhutan, religion should have been a secondary concern.

    I agree with your sentiments, but Pakistan should have at least tried to win over the non-Muslims of Kashmir - promised them that Kashmir in a Pakistan would have been completely autonomous and distinct, and by virtue the more secular Muslims of that time would have been swayed but who ended up being conned by Nehru & Abdullah.
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    poor NDTV. How dare they.

    BTW Modi and Co has now issued investigation against owners for NDTV for money laundering etc. Price for truth.
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    Kashmir: Massive Protests ..Indian troops fire live rounds to disperse Srinagar protesters

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    There is no bottom to this barrel of Indian leaderships arrogance and general behavior of Indian population. They have lost all their humanity in this fervor of nationalism, where its them vs everyone who challenges their narrative or world view. India had become Nazi Germany without having the military or tactical prowess of Nazi's, how stupid one have to be to think that they wont be affected by an atomic war between the two countries? Guess pretty darn stupid. There is little to no hope for sanity anymore in India.

    Its a great opportunity for Pakistan both on an internal and external stages, we must mobilize people of Pakistan and correct our course.

    A very valid argument, Indians had been using Shimla as an excuse to not discuss issue of Kashmir as the status quo suited India, but in his hubris and highest levels of arrogance they had brought issue of Kashmir back to main stream and rendering Shimla agreement unfeasible thus restoring it back to 48/49 situation. Great work Modi, youre a gift that keeps on giving and giving.
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    I can't think of living even for a single second - and, that too with a family - under this overwhelmingly Na-Mahrem domination!!!!

    What those Satanic traitors and their Jahil followers were thinking prior to '47????? They opted for the Ba'til instead of the Hak!?! Ahh only if they could read and understand few stanzas of the Turkish National Anthem they might have changed their minds!!!!

    Ruhumun senden İlahî, şudur ancak emeli:
    Değmesin mabedimin göğsüne namahrem eli.
    Bu ezanlar, ki şehadetleri dinin temeli,
    Ebedî, yurdumun üstünde benim inlemeli.

    Oh glorious God, the sole wish of my pain-stricken heart is that,

    No heathen's hand should ever touch the bosom of my sacred foreheads.
    These adhans and their testimonies are the foundations of my religion,
    And may their noble sound prevail thunderously across my eternal homeland.

    Kim bu cennet vatanın uğruna olmaz ki feda?
    Şüheda fışkıracak, toprağı sıksan şüheda.
    Canı, cananı, bütün varımı alsın da Hüda,
    Etmesin tek vatanımdan beni dünyada cüda.

    Who would not sacrifice their life for this paradise of a country?
    Martyrs would burst forth should one simply squeeze the soil! Martyrs!
    May God take my life, my loved ones, and all possessions from me if He will,
    But let Him not deprive me of my one true homeland in the world.
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