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Story Of a Martyred Pak Armys Soldier

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Osama Ali_16

Apr 17, 2014
"I ill fight for my country mama; i ill kill all bad people who hurt little children , i ill just be like baba " Junaid proclaimed lying on his mothers arms. "Yes u will my little angel" said the mother. "And What exactly is ur motivation for joining Army"? The interviewer enquired. My father was an army officer and embraced martyredom when I was of 10 . I want to follow his footsteps" he replied calmly. Jumaid pushed Daniyal forward as they both jungled onto their beds , it was mid night . "Just one more month of this tough routine and we ill be officers" Danyal exclaimed giving him a high five. He couldnt look into her eyes as he handed over the transfer order to his mom. "Whats it beta". She inquired. "Mama i have been posted to Mingora and i have only one week to leave. A large tears rolled down her cheeks that she had hidden from his chilhood. As she looked at the piece of paper. She clearly remembered the movement order of her husband who too gave paper to her hands. She looked up to her son and remembered her husband and exclaimed " May Allah protect u " It was dark but still he still could see the photos of sara and his mother the two important persons in his life. The operation commander recited holy verses and addressed the soldiers: " My fellow soldiers today our mission is to clear the post on the west side of the mountain . As we all know that it is under terrorists control who are doing their best to weaken the region." For 30 minutes junaid listened carefully to the briefings of the operation. LT junaid was to lead his party rom south of the post and capture it , while the other two parties engaged terrorists at frontline. "Take cover " he shouted to his soldiers as he adjusted his gun and began shooting."Danish u and illyas approach him from left and occupy the post while salar u follow me and ali u stay here and keep it up," he hurriedly issued instruction to his fellows. Junaid was reloading his gun while a bullet shot his left arm. "Dont worry i am fine , move forward " he said throbbing pain in his arms. "Very near now , the enemy needs to be defeated " he thought to himself as he continued to move forward. A short while later his finger once again on trigger aiming at terrorist , but the injury weakened his responses and before he made a move enemy's bullets ripped into hus chest and neck. Even flailing down , he raised his gun and shor the terrorist in his head!:pakistan::pakistan: :sniper:
I ill fight for my country mama.
I will follow my babas footsteps
Baba i ill miss u, when will u come back?
Hurry up Danyal, we have to report in five minutes.
Lt junaid commander of operation want to see you in his office.
Lt junaid, lead the party from west.
I want to follow babas foot steps.
I will defend my homeland.
Pakistan Zindabad! Pakistan Army Paindabad! :police: :(
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Aug 5, 2013
All soldiers who fight for their country are respectable irrespective of from which country they belong. My salute all who laydown their life for their country.
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