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STM Offshore Outpost Ship: OPV-1900


Apr 28, 2011
STM Açık Deniz Karakol Gemisi: OPV-1900

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The OPV-1900 is a single-hull ship with special form designed to perform overwater defense war missions, effective uninterrupted reconnaissance surveillance and outpost missions on the high sea and beach.

Low threat coastal waters are designed to protect sovereign rights within the scope of national and international law rules in the Exclusive Economic Zone and offshore areas, to carry out effective and uninterrupted reconnaissance surveillance/outpost duties, to control maritime jurisdictions, to prevent maritime security, to protect trafficking and piracy, to protect fisheries and marine resources and to prevent illegal fishing, to carry out humanitarian aid, search and rescue activities in natural disasters, to show flags and assets.

Special forces can be hosted in the OPV 1900 and overwater warfare capability can be upgraded from weapons to missile systems.

Design, Objectives and Capabilities
The OPV-1900 is basically designed to perform the following tasks;
  • Overwater defense war
  • Offshore and coastal exploration, surveillance and control (poaching, drug trafficking, human trafficking, etc.)
  • Search and Rescue operations
  • Helicopter operation capability day and night (including HIFR and Vertrep)
  • Exclusive economic zone surveillance and control
  • Training and exercise

The OPV-1900 has the following capabilities;
  • Top speed over 22 knots
  • 5500 miles cruising speed at 16 knots
  • Sea condition up to 5 survival capabilities
  • Up to 5 weapons and sensor capabilities in the sea condition
  • Helicopter operation capability to sea condition 4
  • Low radar cross-section area
  • 1 76 mm, 4 25 mm machine guns
  • 10-ton helicopter operation
  • 8-ton hydraulic telescopic cree

Main Dimensions
Full Size89.50 meters
Water Line Length88.60 meters
Displacement1900 tons
Speed and Cruising Sya
Top Speed22+knots
Cruising Speed16knots
Cruising Sya165500 miles at knots
Tank Capacities
Fuel (F-76)250 ton
Clean Water26 ton
Sensors and Weapons
  • War Management System
  • IFF (Interrogator/Transponder) (Optional)
  • Navigation Radar (X-Band x 2,S Band x1)
  • Navigation System (GPS), Automatic ldentification System (AlS), Echo-sounder, Speed-log, Wind System, Electronic Chart Display (ECDIS), Gyros (Main and Aux.) and Digital Repeaters
  • Electro-Optical System (TV/IR/LRF)
  • Electronic Support Measure System (ESM) with
  • Weapons (1x 76 mm and 3 x25 mm Stabilized Machine Gun)
  • Satıhan satiha guided shell system (Optional).

Main and Auxiliary Drive System
  • Main Machine: 2 x Diesel Machine
  • Drive System: 2 x CPP Propeller Head Pusher: 1 x Tunnel Type Propulsor
Auxiliary machines:
  • Diesel Generator:3x 500 kW
  • Emercensi Generator:1 x 160 kW
Auxiliary Systems
  • 8-ton hydraulic telescopic cree
  • operation area
  • 3 RHIB
  • Infirmary
Place of Life
  • Comfortable living space for a total of 88+10% staff
  • Life at sea: 30 days
Growth Capacity
  • Special sensors and weapons
  • More living space


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