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Steam Winter Sale Starts, Brings Big Games With Huge Discounts


Mar 15, 2016
Steam, the biggest online marketplace for games is starting its winter sale for this year. The sale will last 10 days and will end on January 2nd at 11 pm local time.

Discounts vary from game to game but you will be able to snag up to 90% off on some games and 30-50% off on most.

Sid Meier’s Civilization V for example is going for 92% off at $12.27 only.

New game releases are also getting big discounts:

Winter sales are a regular thing with Xbox store also starting its Countdown sale. There are deals for music, apps, games and TV shows available on the Xbox store.

Read More: https://defence.pk/threads/xbox-store-sale-starts-tomorrow-offers-huge-savings-on-games-more.467974/

Now is the time to load up on some Steam credit. If you don’t have a credit card there are other ways to do so. Steam gift cards can be purchased from local online stores like shopon.pk and keysteez.pk. There are cards from as high as $100 to as low as $5. All you need to do is load up the credit from the gift card on Steam using the code available and that’s all.

Head over to Steam’s home page to check out more game deals available there.

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