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Statue of Qaid e Azam demolished by BLA I(BRA).In High security zone


Mar 29, 2013
How is this shirk, i am curious how a statue that is supposed to honor a person who did so much for Islam via creation of Pakistan and is used to provide inspiration for his ideals to continue to be heard. Nobody is kneeling and praying towards the statue, what is this shirk obsession by people its as if the ones advocating it are the most likely to throw themselves onto it and start worshipping it...

Okay then how come, ZERO Islamic organizations spoke against a recent sexual abuse of a boy by Mufti Aziz ur Rehman or whatever his name was? Instead none of them joined together to condemn but instead said that video evidence is fake and that the boy is faking it. How about enforcing in mosques and madrassas first where you are supposed to be closest to God and the religion. Truth is more harassment occurs in such places than the colleges that you talking about.
If you read the history, that is how it starts. From the admiration and honouring changes into idol worship to statue worship, then next thing you will have civilizations worshipping to statue for no reason. That is how it has started and diluted Holy Makkah hence the much needed cleansed through the emergence of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) by the HELP of ALLAAH Alone.

Having statue in Pakistan where illiteracy is huge and ignorance at large is treading on thin ice. It is statue worship waiting to happen given the shrine culture practice.
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