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ST Engineering Showcases Blue Spear ASM At Eurosatory 2022


Apr 28, 2011

ST Engineering Showcases Blue Spear ASM At Eurosatory 2022​

Singapore's ST Engineering was showcasing its brand new "Blue Spear" anti-ship missile at the Eurosatory 2022 defense exhibition held in Paris from June 13-17, 2022.​

Xavier Vavasseur 05 Jul 2022
The Singaporean company was showing an animated video of the Blue Spear anti-ship missile during the exhibition, as well as showcasing scale models of the missile system with various launching platform options.

According to ST Engineering, the Blue Spear missile system is an advanced precision weapon that can be used in all weather conditions, day and night, and provides strike power beyond the line of sight against mobile and stationary targets at sea. The missile’s maximum range is 290 km. The Blue Spear missiles share a common heritage with IAI’s Gabriel missile family, developed over many years.

The Blue Spear system allows launch from multiple land-based platforms and flies at high subsonic speeds. The warhead features an active radar seeker, accurate INS-based navigation capabilities, and a robust system immune to GPS interference and maximum accuracy target acquisition. The systems are equipped with a variety of deception tools to accomplish their mission and meet the various challenges on the battlefield.

ST Engineering showcases Blue Spear ASM at Eurosatory 2022
A scale model of truck-mounted version in Eurosatory 2022
Key Features from company brochure:
  • Range (Over the Horizon Engagement) : 290 km
  • Fire & Forget and Fire Update – Fully automated mission planning and execution
  • Datalink: Advanced Datalink
  • Seeker: State-of-art Radar Seeker
  • Payload: 150 kg high explosive intensive munition warhead
  • Littoral and In-land strike: Capable of attacking targets near-shore in the littoral areas and in-land

In addition to the Israeli Navy and Republic of Singapore Navy (which are likely the launch customers), Blue Spear has already been selected by two Baltic countries:
IAI and Thales were also promoting a variation of this missile (known as Sea Serpent) to the Royal Navy.
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Posted by : Xavier Vavasseur
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