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Spy plane .. Student innovation with high speeds and multiple tasks (UAE)

The SC

Feb 13, 2012
A number of Higher Colleges of Technology students have come up with the creation of a spy plane that can fly at high altitudes, and is able to escape from radar, and it is made of a high-quality material, "carbon fiber."

Ali Al-Hashemi, one of the project owners who is a student at the Higher Colleges of Technology majoring in aircraft engineering and maintenance, explained that the plane is characterized by high speeds and performs multiple tasks, noting that reaching the final model of the plane is the result of the effort of 10 students, who set accurate standards for the structure and internal parts. , Which is the manufacture of the aircraft from "carbon fiber" material, which is characterized by high quality, as it is stronger than iron and lighter than aluminum. In addition, it is equipped with an electric motor, and a system connected to three servers for more control and accuracy.

Al-Hashemi said that the difference between the reconnaissance and the spy plane is that the latter, by adding "code", can escape from the radar and fly at high altitudes and speeds, in addition to its streamlined shape that helps it perform its tasks easily, while the reconnaissance plane is normal and its objectives are to reconnaissance a site.

Al-Hashemi pointed out that the plane was tested and no problems were noticed, noting that the project took about 8 months, and it went through multiple stages, including experimentation and modification, indicating that it enhances what has been studied at the university, while adding the ideas and creativity of the students themselves, which contributes to Employing artificial intelligence and implementing projects based on technology and modern technology, in preparation for contributing to the development of the country's economy, especially with regard to technical aspects.

And about the stage after completion of university studies, and the requirements of the student himself to enter the labor market and implement the technical and technological knowledge obtained? Al-Hashemi said: University students face strong competition from airline academies that include their own academies, and at the same time we cannot overlook the great role of the Civil Aviation Authority in supporting graduates, along with many government institutions that provide financial and moral support.

Al-Hashemi believes that the aircraft that was implemented by students of the Higher Colleges of Technology could achieve an addition and be used in the military sector, as it is distinguished by flying to a height of 100 feet, according to the regulations of the Civil Aviation Authority, and if it is approved by some companies specialized in manufacturing aircraft, their speed can be modified and their flight to heights Alia, pointing out that the project has been developed in the hands of university students, and these young people are looking forward to broad horizons, and to provide more innovations and innovations, and their ultimate goal is to serve the nation.


Philip the Arab

Oct 26, 2018
United States
It needs to be developed further for sure it just needs funding from the UAE gov. A much larger version would be a good recon stealth aircraft.



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