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Sputnik : Russia is working on a new interceptor


Oct 2, 2015
Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Work has begun on a new generation of interceptor fighters in Russia.

According to Sputnik, Russian designers have begun work on a new interceptor fighter.

The state-owned company Rostec reports that work has begun on developing and building a promising long-range interceptor fighter in the Russian Federation.

"Development of the next generation of new interceptor fighters has already begun. The MiG-41 advanced interceptor aircraft project is under development," the state-owned company said in a statement.

The MiG-41 is set to replace the MiG-31 interceptor fighter, which was commissioned in 1981.

On August 24, 2018, UAC (United Aircraft Corporation) President Yuri Slossar announced that the MiG-41 would replace the MiG-31 around 2030.

According to him, the characteristics of the new interceptor fighter will be determined during the research work depending on the customer's needs. "Everything depends on the issue. If they tell us to fly in Space, then we will fly in space," Slossar said.

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