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Spurious drugs claim 67 lives in Pakistan


Apr 28, 2011
Spurious drugs claim 67 lives in Pakistan

LAHORE: Spurious drugs provided to cardiac patients by a state-run hospital in Pakistan's Punjab have claimed 67 lives - more than double the figure initially given by provincial authorities.

Punjab health secretary Jehanzeb Khan confirmed the total number of deaths while responding to a journalist's query yesterday.

Earlier, the Punjab government had confirmed the deaths of only 28 cardiac patients registered with Lahore's Punjab Institute of Cardiology.

The PML-N government led by chief minister Shahbaz Sharif has faced strong criticism for concealing facts related to deaths due to the bad drugs, which were distributed by PIC among poor and needy patients.

The Federal Investigation Agency launched a crackdown on Monday on the instructions of federal authorities, and arrested the owners of three pharmaceutical companies.

FIA officials sealed these firms on charges of allegedly supplying spurious drugs which caused the deaths of patients and affected dozens of others.

The administration of PIC faced an embarrassing situation when dozens of patients and their families assembled outside the hospital to protest the deaths.

"We want action against the people responsible for the death of our father," said Muhammad Hasan.

He and his brother Muhammad Raza held a placard inscribed with slogans against the hospital's administration and provincial government.

Officials of the FIA said they had taken action despite resistance from the Punjab government.

"Seeing the non-seriousness of the provincial government in taking action against the persons responsible for the deaths, the federal government directed the FIA to go in for direct action," said a senior official of the agency who did not want to be named.

The official further said the FIA would expose the Punjab government officials, including doctors and drug inspectors, who were responsible for lapses.

FIA spokesman Haroon Rashid said the agency initiated its probe on the directions of the federal Interior Ministry.

"Action will be initiated against provincial drug inspectors and officials of drug testing laboratories," he said.

Opposition PML-Q spokesman Kamil Ali Agha said chief minister Sharif was responsible for the deaths as he also held the health portfolio.

For the past four years, Sharif had failed to form a team to deal with health issues in Punjab, he said.

Agha said Sharif's negligence was first exposed by last year's dengue epidemic and the deaths due to bad drugs were another "feather in Sharif's cap" he alleged.

Spurious drugs claim 67 lives in Pakistan - The Times of India


Dec 5, 2011

When 24 people killed by NATO accidently. There were more than 5 thousand reply came and more than 10 thread made on that topic. But now more than 3 times people killed but still no pakistani replied. Such a shame

third eye

Aug 24, 2008
Food adulteration and fake drugs both lead to death.

Both these crimes must be equated with delibrate , pre meditated cold blooded murder and those arrested should be tried for such crimes not just mere adulteration.

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