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Spelling the Dream review: Decoding the Indian magic


Jul 12, 2011
Antigua And Barbuda
There’s no way that you will not be impressed by the kids featured in Netflix’s latest documentary Spelling the Dream. Here, we see how the Indian Americans have dominated the Scripps National Spelling Bee competition for decades now, and their hold on the title is just getting stronger every year. Director Sam Rega offers a short history lesson on Indian immigrants in America and then focuses on the families who devote the children’s formative years to competing in spelling bees.

The statistics here say it all. Indian Americans have won the national competition for 12 years in a row. In fact, 27 of the last 35 winners were Indian Americans. The 2019 competition, which had eight winners (first time in history), had seven of its winners from the Indian-American community.

So what is it about Indian Americans that they have dominated this space? Sam Rega tries to answer that question, which remains unanswered until the end.


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