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Soldier martyred after terrorists fired at Pakistan Army check post in Waziristan


May 2, 2011
United Kingdom
Politics aside, checkpoints need to be built and/or rebuilt to be better protected. Soldiers should not be in exposed positions, where snipers have an easy chance to see them “skyling” and taking them out.

These posts in known high risk areas need a shotspotter and camera system to pinpoint where the enemy fire is coming from at the very least. Preferably they should also have remote weapon systems so soldiers can return fire from a hunkered down position safe within the checkpoints.

if the miscreants see their attacks are failing they will have to change tactics and that will leave them open to be caught a different way.

p.s. the Army and FC also need MRAPs ASAP. Secure posts and MRAPs to keep the troops safe.

I think PA need to accept it must spend $1 billion to beef up the border.

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