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Sniper Rifle or Assault Rifle in Future???

Discussion in 'Pakistan Defence & Industry' started by tvrfan, Nov 27, 2011.

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    Nov 27, 2011
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    Hi Guys, my first post.

    i want to introduce myself. iam 24 years old and iam from germany.

    iam a weapon enthusiast like you are. my first question is. in war my 2 weapon choices will be sniper and assault rifle. but when you just have to pick one up. which one will survive and will be the weapon with that you can work in wider and urban areas? i think a assault rifle with the range up to 1000 m can replace the sniper rifle in future is that right??? even is this possible???

    will the sniper rifles stay the future? basically you can have 2 in 1. just give the assault rifle in future a greater range and you replace with that the sniper rifle.

    SO wich of these two is more important in war and will be there a need for sniper rifles in future with my opinions?

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    Mar 9, 2010
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    hi and welcome
    to your Q:
    well no an assault rifle cant replace sniperR because you canot define a sniper in a single configuration a sniper ranges from the smallest to the largest even altellary rounds a sniper is built to be very precise and keeps a lot of conditions in account.
    an assault rifle is a all same round machine yes it can be turned in a sniper but it will not be a perfect on 1itll lack stuff like bolt action, free float barrel, etc.thus it can become a field marksman rifal with a scope but not a dedicated sniperR.
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    Hi and welcome..
    Are you sure you are 24 years old?..Ok bad joke..sorry.

    It depends upon the situation isnt it?

    If you are out in the open with good camouflage then you would want to use the sniper rifle.If lots of enemies are flocking on to you then you would want to pickup an assault rifle.Many assault rifles come with optical sites and many sniper rifles are semi-automatic,like the Dragunov.So it depends upon what you have in your inventory as well.
    Sniper rifles can be very effective and deadly in urban areas,provided that your cover is not blown.In that case,an assault rifle provides you better chances of survival.
  4. Navy SEAL Sniper

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    Dec 1, 2011
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    1. A sniper is a soldier who is placed in a strategic location providing cover to the operatives / soldiers fighting head on with the enemy, thus a sniper rifle with a long range scope and accuracy is required. Sniper rifles are designed in a non-automatic manner due to their complex mechanism

    2. An automatic rifle like AK47, CAR 15, H and K G3 might not be able to achieve long distance target shoot out due to their shorter barrel size as compared to a sniper rifle. Whereas an automatic rifle is more suitable in close combat to medium range combats due to their automatic design

    To hit your target at really long distances you need a long barrel sized rifle which might be too heavy and impratical to carry for closer combats, so depending on your purpose you may select a rifle / weapon.

    Steadiness in the weapon placement and smooth trigger pull will ensure target accuracy that is why most snipers place their rifles on bi-pods or on surfaces which will provide steadiness whereas no such thing exists in automatic rifles for close combats. In close combats where more than one target exists you just need to spray the bullets for a quick kill.