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Sep 14, 2018
4th semester just ended and it was semester break when one day while net surfing and going through some articles an idea popped up in Uzair’s mind (Founder Smart Mirror), that why not build a unique mirror which will display cool widgets on its surface. He shared this idea with his friend Saliha (Co-Founder Smart Mirror). They together decided to make such a mirror which will not only display reflection of the user but could also display some cool features like date & time, weather, daily quotations.

They together, assembled first prototype after doing some research work on how such mirrors are designed. The real challenge they faced was the availability of hardware, specifically having hands on a two way mirror was a real task. Struggle was real! Out of all places they were able to find it at a small local kitchen shop. The first prototype only showed date and time.

What actually motivated/incited Saliha and Uzair was the thought that 4th semester has already ended but despite of being software students they haven’t implemented their theoretical knowledge yet. This feeling of not doing enough and the wish to do something extraordinary, helped them make Smart Mirror.

In just a year Uzair and Saliha have come a long way. Their hard work and sleepless nights have paid off. Now, Smart Mirror is not just an idea, it’s a whole independent company that is dealing in three different sizes of Smart Mirror. It has enhanced its features like it displays time, date, weather forecast, news feed and it also gives compliments to the one standing in front of it like Have a nice day, Good morning (and the name of the person who owns the mirror). Its coolest feature is its built-in Google Assistant which can do almost everything from singing songs to playing videos, on just a command of voice. In addition to that it has an 8MP camera fitted in it which can be used not only for a mirror selfie but more importantly for surveillance purpose.
Visit our website for more detail: www.smartmirrorpk.com

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