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Smart-cop and robots unveiled an armed autonomous combat robot


Jul 10, 2017
Smart-cop and robots unveiled an armed autonomous combat robot
June 6, 2022

The robot, capable of maneuvering in difficult terrain conditions, is equipped with a firing position and a smart sight that allows automatic domestication on targets, including skimmers. The two Israeli companies will present the solution at a security exhibition in Paris


Smart Shooter and Roboteam have unveiled a joint development of an autonomous combat robot equipped with a firing position, which, using a special AI-based target, automatically localizes on the target and hits it with maximum accuracy. The robot can be operated remotely, using a control and monitoring system, which allows the soldier to both observe the arena from a distant and protected position and to fire. Also, since the aim of a smart-cop makes it possible to hit accurately with small arms even in skimmers, the combined solution can also be used as a tactical means of intercepting UAVs in the battlefield. The solution is also designed for urban warfare, patrol missions and border protection.

The combined solution is the product of an integration between a robot model Tigr robot and a smart-shooting station Smash Hooper. Tigr is a combat engineering robot, which is designed to handle suspicious explosives, hazardous materials and intelligence gathering. It is about 95 cm high and weighs about 75 kg and can be carried by two people. It is able to move around in complex terrain conditions, and in any weather, and also to climb stairs. Both of his arms are characterized by 5 degrees of freedom, which gives him great flexibility in operating the shooting position, and he is equipped with an HD camera and a means of night vision.

The Smash Hooper is a firing position (a kind of tripod called in military parlance also "equipment position and elevation"), weighing about 15 kg, on which is mounted a rifle equipped with the smart fire control system Smash, the flagship product of Smart-Cop. The system, which can be mounted using a rail on top of each assault rifle, localizes to the target using electro-optical sensors and monitors it using intelligent artificial image processing. The automatic aiming at the target allows the soldier to aim the weapon effortlessly, and when the barrel is at the right angle the trigger is released automatically.

The two companies will present the joint solution at the Eurosatory 2022 military exhibition, which will open in Paris in the middle of the month. The two companies appear to be planning extensive collaboration, and they say smart-cop fire control systems can be integrated across all robotic robotic platforms.

To date, robots have developed about 5 ground robots, and another hovering robot (excavator) that navigates from a distance and is designed to carry and land robotic systems. The entire robot family of robots complies with the American standard JAUS / IOP, which allows a generic connection of devices on the system according to the specific task, such as sensors for detecting hazardous materials in AVC events, various means of observation and the like. A significant component in systems is the software and algorithm that allows the system operator to intuitively perform advanced and complex operations on the battlefield, using the autonomous capabilities of the systems and managing an array consisting of a large number of platforms and sensors.https://techtime.co.il/2022/06/06/smart-shooter-robotean/

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