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Slumdog Millionaire wins 8 Oscars

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Mar 6, 2008
I don't think you understand the meaning of the word pun. Perhaps you should pay a visit to Dictionary.com

I'm clearly aware of the meaning. Maybe YOU should pay it a visit and see what it "Really" means and how it's used in common language.

Oh please, Excuses? If you aren't familiar with my track record here, I wouldn't give 2 cents worth of Shite about "Making up" some excuse regarding a post that addresses an Indian Issue. Whatever is written in the first post, has been elaborated for thick heads as yourself.

No, it doesn't. It means that India is the biggest manufacture of "that", which, accoriding to your post refers to the word "poverty".

"Apparently", "It SEEMS", "Right NOW".

I've given you advice to get some education. You seriously are getting a hard time deciphering these "easily" understandable words.

I'm actually laughing at your juvenile attempt to change the meaning of your post.

Lol, props to your stupidity. There have been times where I've discussed MY opinions on SM in some other thread that was posted here. Dig them up, and see what they're about. Would lead to Another fail on your part.

If you wanted to say that the spotlight was on India, why didn't you just say so? Why write a sentence which would be obviously interpreted in a completely different manner, and infact is impossible for it to be interpreted in the manner that you are suggesting?

Yes and that's exactly why so many members (Indians Included) have agreed to what I've said? In fact, some of them actually edited their posts afterwards when they stopped thinking with "Emotion". Give it up, Flint. You don't want to be called a troll now, do you?


Dec 23, 2008
baijaan, you know just because of FOX, it doesnt mean its british, like say disney had produced CHNADNI CHOWK to china,
but the thing is - glorification of whats not there.Switch on television and you get o know what i am talkign about , these people think its indian movie.Yes the music was indian and some actors as well. but that doesnt take away the fact that - Indian actor didnt win a single oscar here, well we all knew AR RAHMAN , he dont need a bloody oscar to prove his worth nor does gulzar sahib , And as for mr kutti indian technician are always good to have in yoru team they are hard working.
But still its not our movie go and tel lthis to these tv wala people.
Disney did not Produce Chandini Chowk, You have said many a mistakes but mistakes related to Movies wont be tolerated by me LOL! Chandini Chowk was produced by Sippys and Orion and Warner Distributed it as a whole!

Till now no Bollywood movie has been fully produced by a Hollywood Studio. Even Saawariya was produced by Sony in a tie up with SLB productions!

Fox is not British, The Director is British, So why did they label it British? lol

I suggest you call up the TV channels and speak to them. Wouldnt that be nice?


Dec 20, 2008
FOX has just released the movie and has nothing with the production of the movie which was done by the british guys.


Oct 7, 2007
Yes and that's exactly why so many members (Indians Included) have agreed to what I've said? In fact, some of them actually edited their posts afterwards when they stopped thinking with "Emotion". Give it up, Flint. You don't want to be called a troll now, do you?

Who has agreed? I don't see anyone.


Dec 23, 2008
I didnt know some berserk people were given the right to paint someone as trolls! Leave it, We all know why some people started this thread, they just wanted to badmouth India as they were deeply infected with teh Grape Syndrome!


Dec 10, 2008
All I can say is that I am happy for everyone that won last night.
Understood we don't see eye to eye on majority of the issues. But lets be happy for our neighbor's success with the movie.


May 20, 2008
Yeah.Thank God there's atleast someone here who isn't fighting.I mean the whole poverty debate is smothering me.Poverty is everywhere in the world.Just name one goddamn place where you don't find it.India is a big country and it might be suffering a lil more but I really believe that India has talent to fight against this issue given the chance.


Oct 23, 2006
We're just not the people shrugging it under the rug. It doesn't make us happy that Indians have been caught with their chaddis down, its shocked us that this could go on while India's marketing department duped the world. With a million movies produced in India every year, it took Hollywood to expose the real glare in India's shine.

No one shrugs these kinds of things under the rug. Neither have 'Indians' been caught with their pants down. What kind of logic is this?

India's marketing department duped the world? I am sorry, but what marketting department? If you imply the Ministry of Tourism, then they launch ads with the natural beauty of India as a selling theme?

And a million movies are produced in India, they are not meant for India's publicity. They are movies made for Indians by Indians. No one asks anyone else to watch those movies and think all that they portray is the ONLY thing that is there in India or even if its true at all.

You sound simply pissed off, because of the global coverage India has got and is getting for a sustained growth of the economy and the advantages it brings.


Mar 24, 2006
Lets just forget it. Its obvious that Asim and Bezerk here are simply interested in making snide comments about poverty in India, and simply shout out any other points of view.
Dude, I am commenting upon the subject matter of the THREAD. I have a difference of opinion with you.

I tried to impress the importance of talking ON topic. Yet you're hell bent upon making this about me, Bezerk, Santa Claus and whoever. Dude I'm over 10 years old into the forum world. I know a troll when I see one. I've seen all the tactics of derailing threads, purposely creating a hostile atmosphere that would force mods to shut down perfectly good threads.

Even after receiving a strong warning you did not heed to our advice. I'll say this very politely given the amount of time you've contributed around here. You're welcome here no more.

Edit: Thanks for the thanks guys, but such hard decisions are not really our finest moments. We try to work upon someone the best we can. Ultimately this a nationality, religion blind forum when it comes to the treatment of our members. We do give some headway based upon the seniority of a member. It's really not a desirable thing... I cannot accept thanks on this. My regards.
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Sep 17, 2008
man you guys make me laugh! You dont know **** about movies and come in talking about it! I have said time and time again that this movie is not entirely Indian! Even when Darkstar said "with a little help from a firangi" I corrected him saying it was possible because of a Firangi. Please, if you cant win an argument, leave it at that, dont Humiliate yourself my friend.

first make up your minf what you want to argue about, don't just come here and :argh:, and your talkin abt movies as if ur mahesh bhatt. You and your fellow friends were claiming that slumdog was an indian movie, when in fact its an british movie.
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