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Shocking Video of Delhi Violence !

Ahmet Pasha

May 23, 2017
United States
I think that's the point @xeuss is trying to make,
if it is Muslims, no considerations are made, naked violence is the only action.

With Sikhs, you have given a reason, if its Hindu groups there will be other excuses, North-east India more excuses like afraid of separatism, Tamils they don't wish to awaken a Tamil rebellion like in Sri Lanka, caste groups other excuses. That was his point.

Any sensible government would be afraid of awakening 200 million people into a potential rebellion, but that consideration is not afforded to the Muslims. Beat them, kill them, that's the only answer.

Although personally, I am at a loss as to why the Muslims of India have not awoken yet, but I've seen a change in their thinking, its slow, but it is there.

I bloody loved watching this, I hadn't paid much attention to this so far, there always something happening in India and sometimes, its like blahhh
But nice, carry on boys, show them what a Punjabi can do.
That's cuz Indian Muslim Bhaiyyas can't do jack against the Nazi Hindus. Whereas, Sikhs of Punjab no one wants to mess with. A major portion of Indian military are Sikhs, Punjabis along with Pathans are martial races as the gora said. Not that gora matters too much.


Jul 11, 2010
In my opinion one of the worst Chief of Staff that we had was Mirza Aslam Beg. On one of the Pakistan Day parades he wanted to show indigenous weapons, so his people took a basic tractor chassis and built everything around them from anti tank missile carriers to anti aircraft batteries. These vehicles went directly from the parade ground to the Junkyard. However, today the Red Fort was captured by tractors, so maybe he was right😆


Mar 14, 2017
United Kingdom
Look at the difference of reaction by the Sikhs and the Indian Muslims.

One party lay down singing Jai Shri Ram, the other fought back. The difference is leadership. The Sikhs have leadership, they have territory where they are the majority, that coupled with their background enables them to stand up.

The Indian Muslims don't form a majority anywhere, their leaders rejected their history in 1947 and cowered behind the idea of a United India, today their offspring cower under the boot of India. Their leaders are still cowards today, talking against Pakistan and trying to be more Indian than anyone else in the country.

There is a film on Netflix called White Tiger, it's Indian but a suprisingly good film. I watched it as it was in English and the trailer was good. The actor talks about Chickens in a coop, they never escape despite seeing what will happen to them in front of their eyes every day. That is Indian Muslims - Chickens in the coop.

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