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Shobazz and special treatment from the courts


Apr 15, 2019
United States
Judicial favorite........from the folds of history

In 2008, PML-N and People's Party formed a coalition government in Punjab and Dost Muhammad Khosa became the Chief Minister of Punjab. Shehbaz Sharif was not part of the provincial assembly due to disqualification. A few months later, Shahbaz Sharif became "eligible" to become a Member of the Assembly after being "acquitted" of these cases.
After which he applied for the by-election from 2 seats (PP 48 and PP 10). On 2 June 2008, won PP48 Bhakkar unopposed (thanks to alliance and caucus from People's Party). He became the Chief Minister from this seat. After that, on 18 June, he was elected from Rawalpindi PP-10. Now the situation was that after winning from PP 10 under Article 223 (4) of the Constitution, Shahbaz Sharif's seat of PP 48 automatically became vacant.
And since PP 48 became vacant, the Chief Ministership of Shahbaz Sharif also ended. At that time, according to the constitution, the Prime Minister or Chief Minister could not be made more than 2 times. Shahbaz Sharif's second term as Chief Minister was over after PP 48 ended, so he could not continue as Chief Minister. So, under the theory of necessity, the result of PP 10 was stayed. This stay continued for the next 2 years until the 18th amendment lifted the ban on becoming the chief minister for the third time. And most likely the petitioner had been intimidated into abandoning the petition. Because if Article 223 (4) had been implemented, Shahbaz Sharif would have had to contest the Chief Minister's election again. And in the case of re-election, the alliance of PPP and Q-League could have changed the situation because in the 2008 Assembly, the Non-League had a majority of only 148/371 members, while 186 members were required to form the government. A unification group of Q-League was formed for this purpose but the number was marginal. Tampering with the doctrine of necessity and the constitution for the benefit of the Sharif family is the way of "Sharif judges".






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