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Shishumar Class Submarine

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    Shishumar class submarine is a Diesel electric submarine operated by the Indian Navy. shishumar is an Indian varient of German's Type 209 HDW Class Submarines. Total four such subamrines Inducted in Indian Navy first two built by Germans in Germany later two by Indians in MDL, Mumbai, the ship originally inducted in the 1986, 1992, 1994. those submarines are went for modernization to fight in the modern battle which include American supplied Harpoon Anti Shipping missiles and Modified electric devices to keep the sub more powerful for long endurance

    the submarine weights about some 1800 tons when is in Submerged, 1450 tons in surfaced, can dive upto 300 meters depth, attain maximum speed about 22 knots. ranging 25000 kilometers with surface and submerged mode speed upto 10 kmph

    The shishumar can carry fourteen 21inch torpedoes in ready to fire mode also can carry mines on external strap. the upgraded shishumar can carry Latest Harpoon Block II missiles too

    Ship in Class

    INS Shishumar - S 44
    INS Shankush - S 45
    INS Shalki - S 46
    INS Shankul - S 47
    INS Shishumar - S 44


    INS SHANKUSH - S 45.


    INS SHALKI - S 46.



    INS SHANKUL - S 47.