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Sheikh Rashid issued notice to vacate Lal Haveli within ‘7 days’


Sep 26, 2018
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Rawalpindi administration says AML chief and his brother lost the ‘legal possession’ of the property

The district administration of Rawalpindi has issued a notice to Awami Muslim League (AML) chief Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, asking him to vacate his Lal Haveli residence within seven days.

According to Express News, the Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) in a notice said Rashid and his brother have lost the ‘legal possession’ of the property as neither had they responded to the authority’s notice nor did they pay the mansion’s arrears.

The district administration also warned that it will use the police force to vacate the property if it was not vacated within seven days.

The administrator has also written a letter to the police, asking for their assistance on October 19 “to avoid any mishap”.

‘Blind alley’

Rashid, who also served as interior minister during the last PTI government, denied the claims of the district administration, saying that he had legal right to the property.

Separately, the AML chief said the country’s political situation was heading towards ‘blind alley’ and added that situation would become clear by October 30.

Addressing a press conference in Rawalpindi, the former interior minister said that the world acknowledged that Pakistan’s nuclear assets are the most secure.

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He also criticised Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s statement wherein he said that US President Joe Biden’s remarks about Pakistan’s nuclear programme were off the cuff.

He also expressed hope that PTI Chairman Imran Khan will announce much-awaited long march to Islamabad after today’s crucial by-elections.

The former interior minister said people were expecting from the PTI chief to take decisive decision against the coalition government led by PML-N.

“Despite the walls of containers revolution will come,” he said while referring to the security measures taken by the interior ministry ahead of PTI’s expected long march.

Speaking about the recent audio leaks involving political bigwigs, Rashid said such leaks will not cause any harm to Imran as “large number of people are with us, we are standing with him”.


Aug 16, 2015
United States
LoL. Sheikh Rasheed will never give up Lal Haveli...

He houses homeless and disenfranchised people and also setup his political office there.

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