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Sheikh Hasina offers Chittagong port to India’s northeast for use during meet with Jaishankar


Feb 4, 2014
United States
I was in Chittagong for about 1 year, and as far as I remember, Halishahar is located less than 1 km away from the present Ctg. port terminal at the bend of river Karnaphuli. Anyway, this is very normal to extend a port to its adjacent area and is denoted by Terminal- 1 or Terminal-2 or in any other way.

And Patenga itself is a little away. So, another terminal is being built there. Will it be called Patenga Terminal? Or Terminal-3? There is a very wide road that goes from Halishahar to the cable factory. So, I assume that the newly built Patenga Terminal is located at the beach where this road leads.

I already watched this video. I think this Captain is thinking too narrowly. His assumption that the GoB will hand over the operations of the Ctg. port to India is to spread lies. So, I stopped watching when I saw his motive.

Any country including Indian NE, Bhutan or Nepal can use our port, but it does not mean the control goes to them. It is preposterous to say so. Sovereignty will lie with BD.

I will try to find some maps @bluesky bhai....

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